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What could be the cause of drusen, floaters, and distortion in young adult?

Dr. Hagan et al,

I'm in my mid twenties and have had drusen ever since I was younger. They were noticed when I first got glasses in my teens. I recently noticed dark floaters in my vision. The floaters are in both eyes. Sometime after that I started to notice some distortion as well. I went to an opthamologist's office and asked to see a retina specialist. After describing my symptoms they called my optometrist to get a referral. They told me that I needed to be seen sooner rather than later but didn't consider it an emergency since I did not have flashes along with the floaters. I'm trying not to self diagnose but I can't help but think the distortion and floaters have to be caused by an increase in the size of my drusen and/or a rupture of the vitreous or retina. Do you have any advice or opinion while I wait for my appointment with the retina specialist? I'm currently taking an eye supplement and I think I live a fairly healthy lifestyle. Thanks in advance.
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First of all there are several types of drusen in the eye: hard drusen, soft drusen and optic nerve drusen and different locations macula, paramacula, mid-periphery and far periphery.  So it's not possible to answer your question since you don't stipulate what type you have. NONE of them cause floaters that is a different problem discussed her many times.  There is no treatment for optic nerve drusen. They usually don't cause problems, they do alter the appearance of the optic nerve and can make it more difficult to diagnose glaucoma or trauma.  mid-periphery and far periphery drusen don't cause problems. Hard drusen in the macula are not considered a problem or precursor of macular degeneration. So that leaves only soft macular drusen as a problem. They are a precursor and/or part of dry (non-exudative) macular degneration and predispose to wet (exudative) macular degeneration. So see the retina ophthalmologist and find out what you have.  AREDS supplements have only been shown to help moderate and severe dry macular degeneration and mild in people with horrible diets.  Absolutely no nicotine or cannab is if you want to keep your macula healthy
Should have specified. They are pretty numerous and throughout the macula. I can't say for sure if they are hard or soft but I'm sure I will find out. No known family history of familial drusen or AMD. I have read a lot of discussions here and info about the floaters. It just is hard to believe they would appear in both eyes almost simultaneously and be the result of a PVD at my age. I'm sure I will have more answers in the near future. Thanks for the response.
The prevalence of floaters is roughly 10% per decade of life and higher in those that are myopic. Moreover it is not uncommon for a person to be born with floaters (they have a different cause than posterior vitreous detachment). Good luck with your consult
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