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Whats the difference between Purkinje tree and Weiss ring?

I've been seeing an image when I put my sunglasses on that looks like I'm looking at a blood cell through a microscope.   They appear like little capillaries.  My OD couldn't explain it, and said I may be seeing my optic nerve.  Does anyone have any experience with this?
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I don't know where the title comes from because it has nothing to do with your question. The blood cells you see are entopic phenomena called the 'flying corpuscle"  effect or blue field phenomenon and are blood cells circulating around your macula.
Thank you so much Dr Hagan for prompt response. Sometimes the images are just gray clouds that overlap like a vinn diagram.  They are not like typical floaters because they do not drift away when I try to follow it. I can see these gray circles when Im near sunlight.
Are they large grey circles outside your central vision?
Hi Melinda

mainly in the peripheral on my left.  But on occasion I will see one in the center of eye or above my direct line of sight
I have a large grey circle that originates in my right eye, but I see it on the left. It scares me, as I don't know what it is. Do you see yours with your eyes closed too?
I don't see the circle with eyes closed but I do get flashes of light at night with my eyes closed.  I had my doctor take a look during  a dilated exam but he said he couldn't see anything.  He said I may need to see a retina specialist for a sclera depression.

Do you also see flashes? Do you see your gray circle in both eyes then?
No, only in my right. It's about the same size as the circles I see at night when I move my eyes back and forth in the dark with my eyes closed. Or the circles you see with extreme gaze.
Circles I see come across my field of vision when I'm near a window or outdoors.  
Dr Hagan, should I be concern if the floaters don't move? Or should I learn to ignore it? Is it possible that its my blind spot or purkinjie tree?
Read the section in wikipedia on entophtic (entopic) phenomena it is quite detailed and informative.  All normal eyes have a blind spot that we are usually unaware of.  If you look for it with one eye shut you can find it. Other than that I don't know how to help you with the information you've posted.
Thank you Dr Hagan, that article was very informative.  I am experiencing purple/silver sparks when I look to my peripheral on the left.  Could these be phosphene pressure? I see a spark if I look to the edge of my peripheral.

The other image I sometime see in the bathroom is a sequence of yellow light in my central vision. They are large circles that look like "spotlight" they come and fade quickly. Not like a typical floater but more of a sequence of 3 flashes that appear then disappear, then reappear.  Any information would help. Thank you
Thank you Dr Hagan, that article was helpful.

I am experiencing flashes at my peripheral in the dark with eyes closed. They look like purple/silver flashes. It happens on both sides.

Also in the morning I have a pinpoint light that expands into a flash. Are these just entopic images or can it be something more serious.

Any input would help. Thank you
There is no way I can tell if your observations are entoptic phenomena or vitreous traction or something else. Do read the section on entoptic/entopic phenomena on Wikipedia and I would suggest seeing an Eye MD ophthalmologist as the training and skills are at a higher level the optometrist
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