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Wondering what this new disturbance in my vision is.

2006 retinal detachment fixed with sclera buckle. I have a macular pucker and macular edema. I had cataract surgery 2017 with iol successful. 3 weeks ago I noticed a clear/blueish area of vision off to the right of my central vision line. It doesn’t move like a floater. Went to the retinal dr 3 days after noticing it. OCT showed normal retina and macula. I have no new floaters and no peripheral loss of sight. (I don’t have any symptoms like I did in 2006)It’s almost like I see a constant flashbulb but no flash. Just the blue area. I see through it. I can read perfectly. The letters in books and on my kindle are fine. It’s as small as a stitch of thread. Once in a while I’ll get a small pin size flash of light. I don’t suffer from migraines. It’s the o my eye I have as I lost sight in my other eye in 1986.
I have dealt with something like this many years ago but it would be grey area and the dr said could be the ME. But now it’s more blueish and has lasted almost 3 weeks.
Any thoughts?! Needless to say I am freaking out.
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1. Why did you lose vision in one eye?  Your 'good' eye has had RD, macular pucker and macula edema.  Both of the latter could cause the symptoms you describe. You would need to see a retina specialist, have a macular OCT and fluoriscene angiogram.  You should have a Amsler grid at home and test your central vision daily.
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In 1986 I had an rd in my left eye which wasn’t fully developed and it didn’t survive the surgery. I have an appointment with my retinal surgeon tomorrow. I test myself with the grid and I see all the lines perfectly straight. I had an OCT 2 weeks ago when I first went to him with this issue. Nothing was seen on the test. But this area isn’t gone yet. It hasn’t gotten any larger but I’m 109% aware of it all The time.
Ask the retina Eye MD about a fluoroscene angiogram.
Went today. Had a full exam OCT and macula looks perfect and retina as well. He did mention the epiretinal membrane/pucker that I have that can cause this. Optic nerve looks good as well.
That would seem to be he answer and the cause of your symptoms then.

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