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pain when moving right eye-suggestions?

Hi all
for the past 2-3 weeks, I have noticed a pain at certain times when I move my right eye.

Overview of my condition:
48 yrs old
very active and fit
Very near near sighted, with astigmatism
I received new lenses in the spring, no real problems until recently.
While riding my bike in the rain over a month ago, I got some sweat and road spray in my right eye that stung quite  a bit.

Other symptoms- Sometimes eye seems ok, doesn't hurt continuously on movement.  Eyeball Seems sore to the touch on the upper eye at times, no redness or noticeable swelling.  No blurriness or loss of vision.  Minor occasional headaches, but not bad enough to take aspirin, etc.

If I had to guess, it feels like the muscles are sore.  Also have noticed a sensation in muscles when I chew.  

I went to an opthamologist a few days ago, he did some visual examinations, put some dyes or drops in my eye, looked at the eye through a blue-ish light, as well as with a white light.  I don't know what he checked, but he said he did not see anything "bad" and thought that this would go away, if not, come back and see him.  Somewhat unsatisfactory.

On the quick optometry type exam, I noticed that the right eye prescription had changed more than the left eye.   I may be at the point of needing bifocals.


1. Could this be due to an imbalance in the prescription, from eye strain?

2. Did the opth check condition of my retina?

3. Could it be an infection of either the eye muscles oroptic nerve?

4. Could it be something more serious like a brain tumor?

thanks for the help

John D
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A number of possibilities.

Sinus congestion on that side can make eyes hurt to move them. This would be deep and go away when the sinus trouble was over.

Did your doctor "evert" the upper lid? Things (like sandy foreign bodies) can get caught up there and it could cause these symptoms.

You could have "accomodative spasm" causing your eye to hurt and eyeglass prescription is changing. This should be checked for with a cycloplegic refraction. Also, if you need bifocals and are not wearing them, that could cause eyestrain too.

I doubt any of the other mentioned things would be causing your symptoms.
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Dr. Pernoud
thank you for the reply.

The Opth did not evert the upper lid, but it does not feel like I have an abrasive in my eye, it's not that type of irritation.  The stinging from the bike ride lasted for a day or so, but I did rinse it out, but it was still sensitive for a day or so.

To clarify, when you say none of the other things mentioned, were you referring to the items I  proposed as not being the cause of eye movement soreness?

Thank you
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I wondered about a foreign body under the lid because of your mentioning point tenderness which was not seen upon exam.

Your point #1 is possible as the accommodative spasm comment.

2,3, and 4 are not causative...

Hope that helps..
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