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AGP Easter Egg-A-Thon

Our ovaries are working overtime producing the highest quality eggs with minimal loss-of-product this Easter Season. The DH Sperm-finders need to step up at the Easter Egg Hunt this year and find those Golden Eggs to maximize reproduction and ensure future hunts for generations to come!
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hahahha - i love it!
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thanks 4 making me smile
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Too cute~!~ they definitely need to help us help them since the DH Sperm-finders seem to be going through the full moon phases....and we're the ones on the injections!!...:-))~
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Anyone heard from Helen?  Haven't seen anything from her since she talked about going to the hospital.  Helen, hope you're feeling better and just resting at home.
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I'm sorry , I know i'm not part of AGP but what happened with Helen???
I hope nothing bad.
Please let me know!
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She was throwing up a lot.  Hopefully it's just a bug.
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Hi girls ~ let me know what you think ~ Endometrium 17 ~ Left Follies 19 & 9 ~ Right Follies 11 and 17 ~ good..??..~HOPEFULLY GREAT!!....~:-))))~~
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I'm worried about Helen also.  I have parent/teacher conferences until 8pm tonight, so I can't call her.  But, if we don't hear from her by Friday am, I'm going to give  her a call.  

Heather, Great job of putting more onus on the boys!!  Yes, they need to step up to the plate....er..egg ....as it were.

Jackson, 19 and 17 are great.  Are they going to have your trigger tonight?

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She will be calling me to let me know how the BW came back ~ any specific questions to ask her..??..~getting REALLY nervous ~HOPING ~ HOPING~....
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Jackson, Well, typically once the lead follicle is at least 18mm they'll have you trigger and 36  hrs later do IUI.  Since you have two really close follies one above 18 (19), one below (17) then maybe they are waiting for the 17 to grow.  But, they grow 2mm per day on average. So, I am curious why they aren't having you trigger now.  Maybe they are waiting for you to o on your own?

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~OK - estrogen up to 195 and another day of 2 menooure and follistim..??..do you think they're just holding me back..??..I'm REALLY nervous about this office as they didn't start out by doing right by me....HELP!!!
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Jackson,  Your estrogen should be 200 per mature follicle.  Since you had one follice at 19 and one at 17 yesterday, your estrogen should be above 200.    You should ask them what their standard is, what are they looking for and when do they consider a follicle mature enough to trigger.  I'm sorry, but please remind me you are doing IUI?
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Yes, I am doing IUI ~ and the Doctors really don't OFFER any information ~ I have to pry EVERYTHING out of them ~ ..??..is this NORMAL?
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You need a NEW DOCTOR!! They should be available to answer any and all questions. My experience is that if you have a hunch that something isn't right...it probably isnt and that would be good reason to consult with another RE or GYN.

Your numbers look good and with another day of growing, it sounds like you should have at least 2 good follies!!

HeathJo - never ceases to make me laugh. Great intro! Did you decide if you are going to Easter with the fam?
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I just read the last few comments on the last string..

Heather - double chins are HOT!! :)  Did you see the article in Conceive magazine about curvier pregnant women? It said that the curvier and meatier the mom, the smarter the babies turn out! I guess the DHEA fatty acids that are stored in our bodies during pregnancy are more plentiful when we are a bit chubbier - thus contributing to the genius minds cooking/future cooking in our wombs! I said to magda before - at this rate, my kids are gonna be finding the cure for cancer cuz their gonna be incredibly smart!

I go for another u/s on Friday to see the follies again. Still taking the Follistim through tonite and probably gonna trigger tomorrow afternoon for IUI over the weekend.

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Hey guys,

thank you for your concern and good wishes.  I ended up spending 2 nights in a hospital.  In ER they first gave me every anti-nausea medication known to men but as soon as I got those iv liquids in me I started vomiting again (sorry TMI & disgusting).   Finally, they did ct scan that showed some inflammation (gastroenteritis) so they gave me  antibiotics that finally helped.  To top it all off, the ct scan revealed that my cyst grew in size.  At my last u/s 5 days prior it was around 2 cm and on ct scan it measured 3.5 cm.  Just to make sure the cyst was not ruptured they also gave me an u/s and on the u/s the cyst measured around 3.1 cm and was totally intact.  In any case, it is NOT shrinking.  They could not figure out why I was more upset about the cyst than my stomach inflammation.  I obviously cancelled my u/s with my regular ob/gyn that was scheduled for today.  He told me to keep taking b/c.   I am fairly sure that nothing is happening for me “down there” for some time…

This morning I went through EGD (procedure that requires you swallowing some endoscope).  The anesthesia from that totally screwed up my short-term memory.   I called my dh after the procedure twice since I forgot that I already talked to him.  So, I’ll try to read all of the updates on the old thread in a few hours when I can actually remember  what I read.

I hope your transfer went well.  Did they tell you anything about the quality of your embryo?  Did they give you any indication of the probability of success?

Luckily, the sedatives only affected my short-term memory only.  I am holding my fingers crossed for your blood test today.  Also, I hope you can join AGP group.  That way I can have most people I love on this forum in one place.

You’ll probably POAS tomorrow and I am praying for a BFP!

great intro!  Glad you are in good humor  :)
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Alright ~ I know these past strings are "all about me" ~ and I apologize ~ BUT ~ I searched through the net and found Soy increases estrogen levels, so I'm here sucking up edamame ~ then I found a string about low-dose aspirin/baby aspirin ~ so I popped one of them ~ WEIRD..:~))..??..don't know what to do ~ ONLY know I wouldn't be THIS far without BABYALIVE's help ~ and prompting me to get them more aggresive ~ it's all over my notes on the computer in their office ~ "patient was hysterical stating she wants us to be more aggressive ~ refuses to go to Dr N.." (i.e.~ Monty Sales)~HA!!:-)))0~~
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Oh my heart is just breaking for you.  I can not, simply can not believe what life has been throwing at you.  Boy, you never cease to amaze me how gracefully you roll with the punches.  I'm spitting mad for you.  I know it's nobody's fault and nothing anyone can do but it just maddens me that this is happening to you!  Please, rest up - take it easy (easier said than done) listen to your body, it's telling you to rest, rest, rest.  I am praying, praying, praying for you!

Jen,  Hope those follies grow baby grow!  When you have that IUI tell those little swimmers they must make it to that egg, they simply MUST!  

Jackson,  Your dr. should certainly answer any questions you have, or at least their nurses should.  If you are not satisfied seek an RE elsewhere.  This is too important a journey to put up with incompetence.

I've had several "no shows" at parent conferences today so I've got lots of time on my hands.  Should be working on organizing my classroom and desk. But, would much rather be on this forum chattin' it up with all of you!

Fiona, How goes the roasting, or rather nesting?
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Helen, so nice to hear from you.  I was really worried about you.  Hope you feel better real soon.  Goddamn cyst.

My egg was only 3 cells when it should have been 6-8 cells.  The symmetry and fragmentation were good.  I'm not hopeful and in fact very depressed.  I'm trying to get a consult with a new RE.  I'm done with the other guy blowing smoke up my ***.  I need to get straight answers and not some bullshite.  
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Jackson - remember to try to be CALM (hard i know) during this whole thing. If you stress yourself out with all the things you read about, you may be causing more harm to your body than anything else!

Helen - OMG...I'm sorry you had to go through that. I am a veteran at staying in hospitals also - never fun. Gastritis is also not fun. Take care of yourself. They say it subsides with lower stress levels and a bland diet (no citrus or spicy food - trust me - i know from experience!).

Anesthesia always screws me up too. Last time I woke up from a colonoscopy my GI doc was standing next to me and i pretty much told him about my big crush on him (oops) - seriously worse than drinking too much! When i finally came to my senses I couldn't remember all that I had said (short-term memory impairment), but learned that i should never be left alone with him with (a) too much alcohol, or (b) too much anesthesia! I probably need a whole other support forum for the discussions we had to have after that!! SO embarrassing!

Fiona - how ya feeling???

Miky - would love for you to be an AGP! We promise to go easy on the hazing and initiation! :)
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Oh yes, POAS.  It is about that time isn't it?
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I like that that is so cool!! I only had my AF for 4hrs on Monday and it stopped so i may have had implantation bleeding took test on tuesday but BFN keep fingers crossed for girls i just might have shot this month!!
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Hello Girls!!!
Would you accept me as part of your amazing group??
I will not be able to do IVF #4 until May but you are  amazing women and I would love to be your friend !
SSBD to all of us,
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Of course!!  Join us we would love to have you as our new AGP sister.   May might seem far away at the moment, but it will be here before you know it!!  
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