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AGP Easter Egg-A-Thon

Our ovaries are working overtime producing the highest quality eggs with minimal loss-of-product this Easter Season. The DH Sperm-finders need to step up at the Easter Egg Hunt this year and find those Golden Eggs to maximize reproduction and ensure future hunts for generations to come!
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hahahha - i love it!
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thanks 4 making me smile
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Too cute~!~ they definitely need to help us help them since the DH Sperm-finders seem to be going through the full moon phases....and we're the ones on the injections!!...:-))~
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Anyone heard from Helen?  Haven't seen anything from her since she talked about going to the hospital.  Helen, hope you're feeling better and just resting at home.
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I'm sorry , I know i'm not part of AGP but what happened with Helen???
I hope nothing bad.
Please let me know!
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She was throwing up a lot.  Hopefully it's just a bug.
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Hi girls ~ let me know what you think ~ Endometrium 17 ~ Left Follies 19 & 9 ~ Right Follies 11 and 17 ~ good..??..~HOPEFULLY GREAT!!....~:-))))~~
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I'm worried about Helen also.  I have parent/teacher conferences until 8pm tonight, so I can't call her.  But, if we don't hear from her by Friday am, I'm going to give  her a call.  

Heather, Great job of putting more onus on the boys!!  Yes, they need to step up to the plate....er..egg ....as it were.

Jackson, 19 and 17 are great.  Are they going to have your trigger tonight?

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She will be calling me to let me know how the BW came back ~ any specific questions to ask her..??..~getting REALLY nervous ~HOPING ~ HOPING~....
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Jackson, Well, typically once the lead follicle is at least 18mm they'll have you trigger and 36  hrs later do IUI.  Since you have two really close follies one above 18 (19), one below (17) then maybe they are waiting for the 17 to grow.  But, they grow 2mm per day on average. So, I am curious why they aren't having you trigger now.  Maybe they are waiting for you to o on your own?

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~OK - estrogen up to 195 and another day of 2 menooure and follistim..??..do you think they're just holding me back..??..I'm REALLY nervous about this office as they didn't start out by doing right by me....HELP!!!
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Jackson,  Your estrogen should be 200 per mature follicle.  Since you had one follice at 19 and one at 17 yesterday, your estrogen should be above 200.    You should ask them what their standard is, what are they looking for and when do they consider a follicle mature enough to trigger.  I'm sorry, but please remind me you are doing IUI?
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