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Filshie clip stuck in my uterus

Help filshie clip in my endometrium I recently got an HSg test done and they found a clip within the endometrial one been having brown spotting and discomfort, I also have my tubes open and unblocked can I still get pregnant will I need surgery to remove the clips from my uterus is it onside of on top ?
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Hi, trying to understand here.  You had your tubes tied and they used clips. They came undone and one is now just 'there' and your tubes are open?  You're asking if you need surgery to remove the clip or if you can get pregnant?  I'm just trying to clarify what you are asking!  thanks
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If the clips are not in place and tubes are open, yes, you can get pregnant and yes, they will have to remove he clips and surgically would need to happen.  Are you wanting to have another tubal as well?
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