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Found my TTC Friends #7

Hey ladies I just wanted to start a new thread.  Even though we have some ladies MIA I know that they will be able to find us if they come looking, but my computer takes so long to load.

CD 2 for me and just counting the days down.  have a great Friday.
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Yay! So glad you started a new thread - thank you! I'm on CD2 also...
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jen-here's to a productive month and a new year's baby!!
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thanks so much! New Year's? That would we wonderful!!! So I got a call back from my doctor... and they said to take Anaprox before my HSG for pain... but then she said something about not eating or drinking anything after midnight because of sedation... I didn't know they sedate you for this test? Has anyone had that done before?
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I can't believe we are at #7 already haha I think we were at #2 when I first found this forum haha. But anyways I'm on cycle day 11 and I know for sure that I will be O'ing soon because I have some CM like I should. So we will be BD'ing A LOT which in the next few days haha. We will both love it ; )

how is everyone else doing?

Any BFP yet?
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Hello Everyone!
It's so great to read all the stuff going on. Sorry if I miss anyone but here I go:

Jen - Is your HSG tomorrow? If so, Good Luck! I'm wishing you the best and hope the next cycle is rockin'!

Tori- I see that you started a new cycle. Sorry to hear about your AF. But hopefully this cycle will kick!

Ashort - It's great to hear from you!! I'm sorry to hear that you are stressed at work.  I was skimming quickly and might have missed something but I hope you get a copy of those DNA results and that everything is good.  And you are getting off BC in July?! That's great!  I hear you on the partying thing. I'm so lame all of a sudden. I stayed out so late last Saturday drinking and I thought I was going to die the next day.  I just can't do it anymore.

Ltyn - Congratulations! I have a good friend getting married tomorrow. Weddings are just so exciting! Your pic looks gorgeous and that dress looks perfect on you. I hope your day kicked!

Ad_06 - I think I read that you are about to O...Hopefully this is it for you! My fingers are crossed.

Lamb - Twins!!!! That would be so crazy and exciting. Let us know what the doc says.  When do you find out?

Sorry if I missed anyone...But for the most part everyone seemed to be doing well. I hope things are going well and that next time I check there are some BFP's and/or some of you preggo ladies have found out the sex of your wee ones.  As for me, it's nice taking a break. Work is truly exhausting and I'm looking forward to going home. Late nights and early mornings/six days a week.  I think I O'ed today but I'm not temping this month (well deserved break, I thought) so I'm not too sure.  Well wishing you all well!
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Yeah I've gotten 2 smiley's :) Is it normal to get 2 or 3 positive OPKs in one cycle? I was just wondering because I was reading one of the questions on the forum about a lady getting 4 and someone told her that you shouldn't get more then 1 or 2?

Here it is Saturday and I couldn't sleep in!!! I am so tired....I have to go to work to make up a few hours from where I was off on Monday. Today is going to be really busy.....My stepson has baseball practice at noon....and then he has a race tonight at 5......run run run....I think that is all I get done...lol

Good Luck!
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Aweeone- The doctor said that the size of my uterus is within normal range. He said it is still higher up, but its nothing that dramatic. He scheduled me an ultrasound for the 30th. So, I will wait until then to see how many are actually in there. LOL.

I'm doing good... just trying to get by with the last couple weeks of school. UGHH. Then comes my vacation. LOL. My bbs have become increasingly sore the past week. I was reading that at around this time my milk production begins. Well, I have to begin working on a term paper.
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aweeonetolove-  Yeah, the partying to too crazy and I'm way too old...LOL.  Most of my friends live in co-ops, we have 2 other friends that have a house and they have a new baby, so my house has become the hang out but people don't want to leave.  I keep falling asleep on the couch...and nobody takes the hint.  I'm more like a dinner and some glasses of wine at dinner type of girl.  Other then that, my job has been really stressful so it's keeping my mind off of things.  It's funny it's almost been 2 months and counting.  How are you doing?
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Hey ladies!!!
awee-good to hear from you.  I know not overanalyzing everything and wondering when you will ovulate is a burden lifted off of your back.  Before you know it you will be back home

ashort-also good to hear from you.  Sorry your friends don't want to go home but at least you have plenty of things to keep you occupied while you are on a break.  April is almost halfway over.  Before you know it May will come and go and so will June.  Can't wait to have you ladies back in the game.

ad-I always get two days of positive.  When you test you may just be getting the beginning of your surge and for some it takes a while for their surge to occur.  Regardless of how many you get make sure you get to BDing.

Well ladies I am on my fifth round of clomid.  if this doesn't work I am scheduled to see the RE when I come back from vacation in two weeks.  I am so excited about that.  So if i don't get preggo this time I may have a valentine's day baby.
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Well ladies....I found out some awesome news today....I am going to be a great aunt!!! hehe and I am only 25....lol  My oldest niece is 19 and found out today that she is pregnant!! I started bawling to her on the phone today because she said that she wants me to be the god mother :) It totally made my day. I think my mom and everyone thinks that it bothers me, but honestly it really doesn't. I mean I see what I am missing about being excited and everything, but I am totally happy for her.I know that my time will come!!  And will always be here if she needs anything. I know that since  I am having so much trouble ttc, that she will make every effort for me to be a part of everything. We are a really close family and she is like my little sister. I can't help, but to be happy for her. Well I thought that I would share this with you girls. Yipee
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That is great news ad_06! I am happy for you!
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I have a kind of silly question. You ladies that have taken clomid....when it was about O time did your stomachs ache (like a gassy feeling) ?? Ever since yesterday my tummy has been hurting up high and low....like alot of pressure..I just can't figure it out. I haven't eaten anything that would have given me gas....sorry for the tmi.

I talked to my niece again this evening and her boss told her that she shouldn't have taken a home test because it is porbably wrong....now come on...I know that you can get false positives.....so I told her to go to wal mart and get a digital, and make sure....which I know she is because she said that her bbs ae sore and swollen and she just has that "feeling". She's been throwing up....heartburn.. I am waiting on her phone call :)

How is everyone else doing???
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so last night DH and I BD and ever since we did it have been spotting reddish / brownish discharge and I have NO IDEA why. I'm only on CD 13 so I don't know what's going on. Can anyone help me! Thank you ladies  ( :
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Wow Itlyn... I don't know what could cause your spotting. Very weird. U know for a fact that you havn't ovulated right? B/c the only thing I can think of is it being implantation bleeding. Maybe you should call your doctor?
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Well it stopped this morning so everything is ok. Maybe we just did it harder haha I don't know. Well I had a lot of thick heavy CM yesterday so maybe I did ovulate!? I would be so happy if it was implantation bleeding : ) But if it happens again this I will call my doctor.
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Ladies you know how I asked the question about my stomach...well I just realized this afternoon that when I press in on my stomach, about 2 -3 inches below my belly button it is quite tender....what the heck is going on?? I think I am going to call the doctor tomorrow and see what she says.  Any opinions would be great.
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Hey ladies...Sorry I haven't been around much, very busy. Im glad everyone is doing good. Im looking forward to hearing more BFPs. Good Luck ladies. I can't wait to start trying again this is killing me not to try. Well I will check in on everyone next time I get a chance to come online. COME ON BFPs!!!
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Hey everyone!

aweeone - my HSG is scheduled for this Friday... thanks for the luck, I'm going to need it! :) I'm a little worried bc they said I would be sedated... I'm not sure how much, I'm guess I'll just be a little out of it, but I'm worried that they will tell DH the results and he won't understand it all - I guess I'll just have to call them later if that happens. Glad you are enjoying your break!

ad_06 - great news about your new godchild! That is so awesome! I am a godmother to my niece and I was so excited - it really makes you feel special to be asked to do something so important. As for your ache in your stomach... I actually had something like that during AF this month, different time than you... but in about the same area... it just hurt. I don't know what it was - it wasn't like my normal cramps... anyway, if you find out, let me know

torismommy - enjoy your vacation! And good luck on your fifth round of Clomid! I lost track, but I think my fourth or fifth round was last month, they decided not to have me take it this month
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Good morning

jen-why are they sedating you.  The procedure is so minimal that it is not neccessary for you to be sedated.  I guess everyone does their HSG procedures a little differently, but I have never heard of anyone being sedated. Good luck this Friday.

ad-I have never felt any gassy pains or pains below my belly button area while taking clomid.  But then again I get either a new symptom or no symptom every month.  It just varies but nothing seems to be the same each month.  Sorry couldn't be any help but I am glad to see that you are 3dpo.  Welcome to the TWW.

ash-so good to hear from you. Hope all the wedding planning is going well.

itly-don't know about the spotting. Your period has been over since before the wedding right.  Maybe you ovulated soon after and that could be implantation bleeding but that would be rather quick.  I have heard where women who have miscarried have gotten their period and then ovulated soon after.  I have also heard that sometimes you can bleed when you are ovulating because the egg pops out and some women can be sensitive to that.  Whatever it is I hope it brings good news.

Well today is CD 5 for me and I am starting my fifth round today.  Keeping my fingers that this rounds works.  If not I still have so much to look forward to.
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I don't really know - I didn't think either that I had ever heard of anyone being sedated for it... I'll have to ask them if that's reallly necessary... I guess I wouldn't mind... I'm such a sissy when it comes to things like this, but if it isn't necessary, I'm sure I could deal without it... sure it would be cheaper too :) I'll have to see what they say... maybe the nurse just didn't know what she was talking about either
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Do you know why they took you off of clomid this cycle?
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not sure - I just figured it was since they were doing the HSG... and once we get the results back, then maybe she will decide what we need to do next. I've already done 4-5 cycles of Clomid and then I did two more last year, so maybe they just don't think it's working... anyway, like I said, I figure we will know a lot more once this test is over with... I plan on asking lots of questions anyway
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Yes I got my period on April 1st and it ended on April 6th.
I took an OPK test today and there were two pink lines.
So I think I'm going to O tomorrow or Wednesday.
I went to the bathroom today and there is like a light brownish/pinkish discharge so I'm hoping that's a good thing. Plus I'm having some cramping & my bbs hurt.
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Jen ~ I called the nurse today and she said that it is probably a cyst and that the clomid must have really stimulated my ovaries...I go in on Wednesday for an evaluation...to check and see if that is what it is and how big...and if it is anything to be concerned with. My dr told me that she could do the HSG while I was on clomid this next cycle...I am super excited about my niece having a baby. Everytime I think about her becoming a mom it makes me want to cry, because I still see her as a little girl....lol

Thanks for all of your opinions.....I'll let you know when I get back Wednesday.
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