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Hate to jinx myself but I think I could really be preg...again...

So girls I'm 9DPIUI and yesterday and today I've had major AF like cramps.  I hate to jinx myself but I'm thinking this could be it...again....I think DH is nervous.  My temps went up REALLY high this morning.  bbs are slightly sore.  This was one month that I swore I wasn't going to analyze my symptoms but I can't ignore the cramps...check out my chart.  Ignore that it says I didn't o.  I did on Friday the 23rd.  I was monitored with u/s.  Is anybody almost out of their tww?  Good luck girls!

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Oh, wow! I had the same type of cramps the two times I got pregnant, and I know what you mean...I knew I was pregnant the second time because I felt those weird, dull cramps! And the temp rise is looking really good! When are you testing?
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sounds really promising!!!
let us know..when are you going to test?????
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Hi girls!  Yeah, the cramps started last night and are continuing today...Heather, your right, dull ache...both times I was preg. before I had them but these are more intense then last time.  I had the trigger on the 21st so I guess I really shouldn't test until the 6th but maybe the 4th??  Not sure when it will be out of my system.  How are you girls doing?
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The 4th  might be a little early but I would try to test anyhow..
I'm doing OK tonight I'll give myself the HCG shot and on Tuesday we have the retrieval..I'm getting excited and nervous..
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So you are getting close...I don't know that much about IVF...how many follicles do you have?  The hormones cause you to produce a lot, right?  

I had tested on 12DPO one time and I got a false positive thinking I should just wait until Friday...
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oooooooooowwwwwwww - chart looks great!! I am so excited for you!!! I hope this is it! HUGS and SSBD!

Trigger should be out of your system in 10 days so I think you would be good to test tomorrow, if temps stay up. OMG good luck!!!!!!!
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Thanks for the well wishes!  My chart is a little tricky...it looks like I o'ed on Wednesday but I know I didn't b/c I was going to the RE for u/s.  I hope my temps stay up...I had a triphasic chart last time I was preg.  I guess i will wait it out.  How are things going with you?
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Hey there!  

I am getting ready to check out your chart.  I am 9dpo right now also.  My bbs are really sore....not nipples, but my boobs are swollen and very tender.  I am not going to analyze it much though.  I usually get sore bbs before AF anyway....my temp shot up today too, but I didn't get a full nights sleep last night so that could be why.  We shall see tomorrow....

Anyway, good luck to you!

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Heather-  Yeah, I really didn't think much about this month.  I did IUI 2 days but my DH's sperm count was low.  So I really thought we were out....good luck to you...hope your temp stays high
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Good luck!:)
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Thanks!  Good luck to you too!
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I have an idea...test tomorrow, and if positive, wait a couple of days and test again. If it's darker, then you know it's not the trigger! Best of luck, and keep us posted!
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