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IVF Pregnancies - Due in Spring 2012!

Hi There

I would love to connect with those having babies this spring.  I underwent a 3-day donor egg IVF transfer in August 2011 and am expecting twins in April 2012.  

Stork Girl
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Hello I'm 11 weeks with twins, under IVF in august due date may 2012..

Storkgirl thanks for the idea with this new blog

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Hi Mintavarez!

I remember you from the transfer group!!!  How are you feeling?  Having come off the drugs last week I thought I might feel less symptoms, but I feel no difference - still have my food aversions and I think my chest has become even larger since last week - strange!  

I had some bleeding last week.  Babies are OK, I have a hematoma which is hopefully shrinking as I type...

Great to reconnect with you Mintavarez!!!
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Thought it might be fun to have a table with everyone's info like we had in the transfer group, I'll do it chronological by due date:

Stock Girl       Twins      April 13, 2012
Mintavarez     Twins      May, 2012
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Hey! Hey!
What a great idea storkgirl!!

Had 3 day transfer donor egg, pregnant with singleton due May 14,2012.
I am 11 weeks 5days.
Feeling well so far!
Hope others can join us!!!
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It is great to re-connect with you all again, I am 10 weeks 1 day with one baby, due May 24th 2012.
I have NO symptoms yet. apart from the cramping after the transfer all is good, Next U.S is on my 12 weeks  Nov 10th, can't wait to see my lil peanut again.

Thanks for putting this together. Hope all is well with everyone :-)

Big hugs x
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Welcome Readhead68 and Scottishmummy!!!  Here is our latest list:

StorkGirl                Twins            April 13, 2012
Mintavarez            Twins             May, 2012
Readhead68         Singleton       May 14, 2012
Scottishmummy    Singleton       May 24, 2012
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