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anyone else currently in the 2ww?

I am 4dp5dt.  We transferred 1 grade A blast.  The plan was to do 2 but once we got started the doc found signs of OHSS.  So she opted to only do one.  We had 7 embryos but due to the cost of freezing we were not able to freeze the rest.  We have had 4 failed IUI attempts.  This is our first ivf cycle.  Have been TTC for 3 years.  I am 34 yrs old and we have unexplained infertility.  I took a HPT this morning and it was bfn.  Which I was expecting but wanted to see a no so I could make sure all of the trigger shot was out of my system.  Will try another hpt in a couple days.  My beta is scheduled for Sept 29 and oct 1.  They will only call me after the 2nd one with results.  
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Good luck hon!!! Hoping you get your BFP
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Thank you very much!
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I just had my transfer on September 24. We did a day 3 transfer. We transferred 2 embryos. I have my first blood test on October 3rd. Wish you luck.
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I am currently experiencing bad shortness of breath and gained 3 lbs overnight.  So I'm at the hospital for blood work and then on to the clinic for ultrasound to check for fluid in abdomen.  
I took hpt again this morning.  7dp5dt and it was bfn.  Still keeping my fingers crossed though.  
Good luck to you also!!
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First beta only 2.4 so I'm pretty sure this cycle did not work.  Bummed.  But they still want me to come in Thursday for a 2nd beta to be sure.  
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I am D12P3T, this is my fourth IVF!. The second one with BFN, but ended with MC. I have transered 3 FE with good grades. From day:

1-8, I was having craving, nausea, heartburn, excessive salivation, insomnia, gassy (Mostly because of the trigger shot!)

8, symptoms subside except insomnia , BFN!

9, NO SYMPTOMS Except insomnia, BFN!
10- 11, backpain, slight ovarian stimulation (PCOS), hot flashes, insomnia feeling full, dry eyes, gum pain, headache
12, severe backpain, severe insomnia and tired, feeling full, hot flashes, once/ twice per day menstrual like symptoms, dry eyes, gum pain, headache, BFN! and severely depressed

I am not even welling to go to my appointment because I so down and I know that I will end up with BFN. My appointment for blood work is October 1
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I've had a ton of hot flashes and horrible insomnia also.  Had a slight bit of spotting today.  My 2nd beta test is also oct 1.  I took 2 home tests that were bfn.  The waiting game is so stressful and anxiety is way high.  I really hope you end up with a bfp !
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I had slight spotting with my previous IVF which was bfp; sometimes spotting is positive sign for implantation, so you never know!.

I just hate to wait 2ww to know the result. I hope that you end up with a bfp as well
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I'm really trying to stay hopeful after getting such a low first beta.  But I'm really hoping there was late implantation and that's why it was low.  
I have 2 wonderful boys who are 10 & 11 with my ex husband and I received bfn with over 10 hpt with both of them.  My beta with my oldest son was only a 12.  I never thought I would be trying for children again but I got remarried to a wonderful man who would love a child of his own.  I am so much older than I was then and knowing I am the reason I can't give him a child makes the constant disappointment so much harder.  
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That must be hard for you, but I think you have done your best to show him your true love. To me, kids are my area of interest that I am working with, so sometimes I feel upset because I can't have that feeling of being a mom, but being able to help moms is a big relieve to me. I told my husband that I do not want to do this anymore, but I can't watch him playing with his nephews and nieces.
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We were not able to freeze embryos and he said if this round didn't work he didn't want me to do it again because it has been so difficult on my body and emotions.  But I know in his heart he wants to keep trying.  
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Sorry I haven't posted. This round was a bfn for us. Maybe a fet in November.
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