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Can it be a Fracture?

Hey all. :) Last Thursday during a sand volleyball game, I had a collision with a team member. (This may be hard to explain in type- so bear with me).  I ended up on my knees and elbows and she ended up kind of over me but with the most of her weight (and her shin it seems), in the soft spot between my ankle and my heel on the outside of my right foot. Immediately my toes went numb, but that only lasted 10 to 15 minutes. I could then and still can move my toes, so I wasn't at all concerned about a break. It was very tender for the first couple of days. Now it's alright, as long as I am not walking too much on it. I went to stomp mud off of my shoes yesterday, and when I put the pressure and weight down on that foot, I about fell over from the pain that shot through that ankle. Last night I was kind of massaging it, when I noticed that there is now a round hard spot just about where the pain has been centered.  It is on the outside just about where the heel bone meets the Achilles tendon.  I brought it up to a friend of mine, and she said it may possibly be a stress fracture. I have no health insurance, so just running in for an x-ray is not going to happen unless there is good reason to believe that it would be beneficial. I don't believe the lump is any kind of cyst, as I have had those and it feels nothing the same.  Any ideas? I am planning on wrapping it as soon as I get the supplies to do so...
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sounds like a stress fracture.  you need to wear a removable walking cast to offload it so it will heal properly
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