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Exercise Intolerance w/ GERD

Does anyone else get epigastric pain with exercise, and shortness of breath due to GERD? My physician and I have exhausted all other options, so it seems my exercise intolerance is due to my GERD. I have had a PH study which came back pretty nasty, and the GI doc recommended a Nissen, and now my personal doc is as well. However, I want to be completely sure GERD is causing these problems before I go down this road.

Any advice?
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Hi, are you on any meds to try to help the GERD?

So sorry you are having this happen .... I wish I had an answer for you.

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Yeah I have pretty much tried them all! Nothing seems to work. Today for example I took two prevacid, yet at 8:45 I am sitting here with acid in the back of my throat.

I have tried all OTC stuff, prevacid, prilosec, and aciphex. I may give nexium a shot because that seems to work the best for some people.
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