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Profound pain w. diarrhea after eating / gallbladder removed


15 years ago, I had my gallbladder removed for cholesterol stones. The surgery was laparoscopic, and I was sent home, but afterwards I had paralytic ileus and had to have my stomach pumped in the ER two days afterwards; it blew up like I was six months pregnant, and I had a huge amount of bile drained out of my nose.

Ever since then, I have severe, sharp, cramping, stabbing, horrible, makes-me-sweat pain after eating in the same area as my gallbladder. This is always accompanied by sudden bile-yellow diarrhea (sorry to be gross). I know that diarrhea is common after gallbladder removal, but I'm not so sure about the cramping pain. When the pain starts, I go into a sweat, and it feels like someone is stabbing me with a knife. It gets worse if I eat fattening foods, so I'm on a low-fat diet, but sometimes, even something light can set it off. It seems worse if I go without eating for a while. Occasionally, I also vomit yellow bile in the mornings, and occasionally, much more than that in acute attacks.  

The whole area is always tender to touch and feels very full all the time. I basically will not eat around other people, not only because I might have to rush to the bathroom, but also because I might have to sweat and cry. The whole issue limits how I do eat (which is as little as possible).

I now have other problems as well that may be related to malabsorption. So, I'm trying to figure out if this is the normal stuff that everyone has after they have their gallbladder removed, or if my situation is unusual. I always thought it was normal, but now I'm wondering if the stabbing pain/cramping is unusual? If not, what would cause this kind of thing?
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I haveacondition calleddelayedstomach emptying, reflux of bile and no gallbladder.occasionally stomach works ok for a day or two. Very sore throat not helpedby anti acids any ideas please help

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