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All gallbladder scans normal but I'm still having pain! Help!

Hi everyone,
So I went to the ER a few weeks ago with severe abdo pain, upper right side, radiating to my back.  They did an ultrasound, which came back normal, and next I had a HIDA scan, which was extremely painful from the CCK.  I found out this morning that it too was normal.  All my bloodwork was normal.  It has to be gallbladder: upper right side pain, worse after eating fatty foods, definitely worse after CCK injection.  I have a semi-urgent referral to a surgeon, but I'm just wondering where I go from here?  Its not severe pain, but its definitely aching... will dietary and lifestyle changes really make that much of a difference? I kinda feel like I need to just get the gallbladder removed...

Any help would be appreciated!!!
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I'm in the same boat as you. Very frustrating.
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