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Can medications affect CEA?

I'm being treated with 500 mg of Cipro 2 x daily for a UTI  (Klebsiella o. in small amt).  It's time for my CEA after Stage IIIB C/C in 2009 and a small (1.5 cm) liver met removed by HR in April 2012 making me Stage IVa.  CEA has run between 2.4 and 3.1 (Labcorp) and even with the liver met, never went above 6.4. PET/CT w/o and CEA have shown me to be NED since HR with 80% of my liver removed due to location and clear margins. No chemo follow up.

Can the quinolone Cipro afftect my upcoming CEA ?  

I am female, age 63 with no other health concerns.
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Nevermind. I wrote one of the larger labs in the US and no medications are known to affect the CEA readings, tho age (after 60, after 70), weight (larger people tend to have lower CEA readings) and smoking do.
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Hi, cipro is unlikely to cause changes in CEA levels. However inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract can cause an elevation of this tumor marker. Less than 25% of patients with disease confined to the colon have an elevated CEA level. Sensitivity increases with advancing tumour stage.The sensitivity for detecting recurrence is 97% in patients whose CEA was elevated preoperatively, but only 66% in those with normal preoperative levels. Good luck. Regards.
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