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Clear diarrhea (?)

I suffer from pretty severe PTSD and Health anxiety and something that scares me can cause diarrhea.  

Yesterday I had a doctor's visit for a minor skin issue and had brown diarrhea 3 times while waiting to see him.  Normal color and contained 'pieces' of varying sizes stool.  

I'd eaten out the two nights prior and had very spicy foods.  Last night I had a pot pie and side order of steamed broccoli.  The pot pie was so spicy with black and white pepper (both REALLY bother me) that I should have not eaten it.  Within 30 - 45 minutes I rushed to the bathroom and had either a lot of moist gas with 2 pieces of stool or gas and a small amount of clear diarrhea with the stool. The toilet water looked like plain water other than the stool pieces.  I had quite a bit of gas afterwards but took some Gas X and have had minor amounts of gas and a normal stool today.

Because of my anxiety, I have been concerned and googling clear diarrhea much of the day.  Now I will admit that it might have just been a lot of gas and maybe even urine due to the urgency.  

Regular colonoscopy was all clear end of Dec. No other symptoms but very sensitive to black and white pepper and dehydrated onions.

My health anxiety has taken over!  
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diarrhea is also clear when your colon is empty.

You really have to watch what you eat when you have ibs and anxiety. My suggestion is to keep a food diary of everything you eat so you can figure out what triggers the ibs, and then avoid it.
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Should have said 'OR a small amount of clar' not AND
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FOUND THE ANSWER ON WEBMD.  IBS and anxiety can cause the white/ clear mucous and the foods I ate didn't help.

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Thanks!  I know black and white pepper and deyhdrated onions make me ill very quickly. I've written O'Charley's to ask about the onions.  The pepper was very obvious.  

I did not know that about the clear diarrhea and since I'd already emptied myself that day, that would explain that.  

Thanks for your help.
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