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Digestive Enzymes

Is it OK to use digestive enyzmes in people with ulcerative colitis who have GERD?
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I agree with Asegbert about potential dietary triggers being responsible for your reflux of wind.
It sounds like it isn't a sulphur allergy as such (usually characterised by nausea, diarrhoea, asthma or respiratory symptoms, headaches, itchy eyes) but the fermentation of certain foods in your large instestine that creates a reflux of sulphur gas.
The foods that cause this usually contain a certain amount of insoluble (non digestible) fibre such as legumes (eg lentils), cellulose (outer part of fruit and vegetables) and the starch or fructan content in grains, fruit and vegetables.  Fructans (fructo-oligosaccharides) are a stored form of fructose that are not digested in the small intestine and are found commonly in garlic, onions, artichoke, corn, potato, oats, apples, banana and rice.  Similarly, starchy foods contain a certain amount of resistant starch (especially oats, bananas and cooked cold potato) that like fructan, is not digested but passes to the large intestine.  Once there, bacteria ferment the non digested fibre and use the bi-products to make foods that feed them like short chain fatty acids.  The waste products that ensue are hydrogen, carbon dioxide and methane; sometimes the hydrogen is converted to sulphur which is what makes flatus or burps smelly.
I would pre-soak all of your nuts, grains and seeds to remove any further chemicals that can sometimes increase lower bowel fermentation and sulphur output. I would also see a naturopath about an elimination diet in which you would remove these foods for 2 weeks then re-introduce them one at a time (3 serves 3 days in a row).  If the bloating persists this suggests that you are senstive to these foods. I hear vega testing can also be quite accurate in diagnosing food intolerances or allergies. Good luck.
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I wouldn't take a product with HCL in it....just digestive enzymes.
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