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Facing abdomen/groin pain issues Male Age:33 Height:5 feet 8 inches weight: 823 Kgs

Have been facing a lot of issues since past two three months

a) Facing dull (stinging pain sometimes like something is stretched) stomach ache issues in left upper/center abdomen, pain scale is maybe 3 on 10, but when stinging pain it goes upto 6 on 10 and also stomach pain under right ribs sometimes like very close to chest.

Feeling like something is stuck in left throat.

B) Had got plain CT SCAN without any fluid, and ultrasound done no major finding came out other than grade 1 non alcoholic fatty liver in ultrasound only.

C) Now since past few days I am also facing stool issues like have to goto washroom two to three times sometimes and stool comes dark almost black colour and very very frequent urination, the color of urine is normal, no blood, cloudy etc.

D) Also since past one or two days I have started facing very dull burning sensation ( 1/2 on 10 on pain scale) on my Right side of penis/testicle like something is stretched the nerve on penis.  It pains in full lower abdomen while coughing (pain maybe 4 on 10)

e) Had got a check up done by MD Physician he diagnosed as APD issue(at the time of meeting my right penis/testicle pain had just started and was maybe 2 on 10)

I am getting depressed due to issues increasing day by day
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