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Fatty greasy stool

Hello all,

I am a young chap(male), 22 years old and have several problems.

I think this phenomenon continues for good 2+ years. Whenever I ate too much fat, like a lot of sunflower seeds, I had bad cramps and greasy fatty stool that is difficult to flush. However, this seems to continue indefinitely for quite some time already and I am a bit concerned.

I looked up some webmd symptoms and this stuff could be caused by bile duct obstruction, lack of pancreatic enzymes, bacteria or parasite infection etc.

I went to GP and he tested with complete blood count tests and they are all normal. Also I handed in stool sample and also he took blood to assess pancreas function. For those I need to wait a week+ more.

Other symptoms that I have: I pass wind more than is normal, around 30-40 times a day, I burp after meals, I get fatigued after meals and overall my sleep is quite bad. I always wake up at night between 1-3 am and it is not because I need to urinate, I just wake up. Also, I was trying bodybuilding for 6 months and gained maybe 1-2 kg of weight which is very abnormal. I eat 3.2k calories a day, weigh 65 kg and it is more than enough to gain weight on this caloric intake. I am on around 150g of fats a day, 120 g of carbs and around 130g of protein a day However, it seems like fats in the stool indicate where my calories are going to: right through me without absorption. Might explain lack of weight gain.

My current plan is to try fermented foods for bacteria(milk kefir) for bacteria(I could swear the last time I tried that, my stool changed to deep brown), try to drink dandelion and milk thistle tea for liver but all other things considered I have no clue why I cannot absorb fats. I only know that pancreas enzymes are responsible for breaking down the fats, bile emulsifies fats before enzymes can take over etc. Just to make sure, I have gallbladder in place, I do not have pain on the right side or the left side.

I am frustrated because I put in a lot of work in the gym but until this digestive issue(whatever it is) is not fixed, then I probably just waste my time there...

Need some serious help from people with ideas.
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Hopefully your stool test will give you an answer, but if not, you could try ox bile. Its possible you arent producing enough bile to digest fats, and ox bile will help with that. A good digestive enzyme could help too
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I do not want to become reliant on enzymes. The question with this solution is: is it going to fix my issues or is going to make situation even worse since enzyme replacement sounds like organs will become lazy. I am interested in fixing things not reducing symptoms with a bottle of pills that I will have to stay for rest of my life. I looked into stories of people and they were happy taking digestive enzymes but my other friend story was that he took zypan and livton by standard process and after 3-4 months he does not need any of that anymore. That is what I am looking for but of course his situation was unique and sounded severely worse than mine. I will look into enzymes and ask around what is the consequence of replacing production. Thank you for suggestion :)
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