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Gallbladder Issues and Chronic Fatique

I have what I describe as, "chronic debilitating fatigue".  I'm tired 24-7, with no relief in sight.  I experience no pain but the fatigue is constant with no variation in the level of fatigue.  I have episodes of low grade nausea from time to time; but these are very infrequent and they subside within 1 to 3 days.  I suspect "fatty" foods contribute to these episodes but this does not seem to be the case under all circumstances.  

My clinical lab reports reveal no reason to suspect a gallbladder problem and my doctor has never mentioned this as a possibility.  The question is, should I bring this up; and if I do, what could be done about it?  I'm reluctant to pursue this as a "gallbladder" issue because for me, this is entirely about, "chronic debilitating fatigue".  I don't have a creditable "gallbladder" symptom to present; I'm just tired all the time!

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Hi there,
Chronic fatigue could be due to several causes like anemia, multiple sclerosis, depression and other psychiatric disorders, hypothyroidism, infectious mononucleosis, post viral all can lead to chronic fatigue syndrome. Nausea could be due to gastritis,hepatitis,gall bladder problems etc.There will be pain in the right upper abdomen along with nausea in  gall bladder problems. If you are still doubtful that it is due to gall bladder problems discuss it with your doctor. You may need an ultrasound. I hope it helps.
Best wishes and regards!
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Thanks for the comment.  My next appointment is scheduled for April.  I will inquire about a gall bladder ultrasound.  I don't anticipate an objection to this.  If nothing else, it might rule out a gall bladder problem.  
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