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Gastric & Intestinal Volvulus

I have a question about volvulus.  I have looked up information about it, and from what I understand, it can happen in the stomach or intestines.  I was wondering if anyone knows if volvulus causes the stomach or intestines to *remain* twisted/knotted or do the twists/knots happen only at *certain times* and then return to normal.

Any help would be greatly appreciated--I am very curious about this!
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Thank you very much for the info.  What I am mainly interested in finding out is if the twists or knots caused by volvulus can untwist by themselves (without having surgery).

Thanks again!
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Intestinal volvulus often occurs in children.The etiology includes tumor ,lymphoma,congenital giant colon and so on.Sudden crampy pain and abdominal distention and nausea will be major symptoms of intestinal obstruction caused by volvulus.An abdominal film is important in revealing intestinal volvulus .Gastric volvolus rarely happens in clinical practice
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