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Malrotation after Gastroschisis

I am a 35 year old woman that was born with Gastroschisis in 1977. When my gastroschisis was repaired the doctors just put everything back in after removing a section of small intestine(I am assuming due to tissue death). When I was 6 years old I had a hernia repair, most likely due to the gastroschisis repair scar tissue. I have had multiple digestive issues growing up, and continue to have almost constant symptoms similar to IBS. This past August I went into the ER with what turned out to be a full obstruction of the small bowel. I spent a week in the hospital until it resolved itself, however I still continue to have issues 2 months later. Also, I have had similar episodes that I did not recognise as obstructions throughout the years; even when pregnant!  I have had an upper GI series with barium, that found I have malrotation the large & small intestines. My large intestine is folded over itself on top of my small intestine - all on the right side of my abdomen. My GI doctor says the even though he is not familiar with malrotation in adults, he doesn't believe that I need surgery. But, he is meeting with a surgeon to get a better answer.  My question is, has anyone else expierenced similar issues as adult survivors of gastroschisis? And if so, did you have surgery? If anyone can help give me an idea of what I should do please help, I am tired of feeling ill all the time!
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Hello,i am on my sons behalf,he is in the hospital with the same symptoms that you have,he is 36 years old.Have you got any better?
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Hello, how is your son doing?
My son is 23 and currently in the hospital for the a bowel obstruction. he was born with gastroschisis and the doctor said he has malrotation, going through a contrast scan right now
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I'm sorry to hear of our troubles, my adult nephew is having trouble related to his gastroschisis repair, were your issues corrected? Did you have a LADD? I hope you have found some relief from your symptoms
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