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Question about gastrin level

I had my gastrin bloodtest this week. It came back Friday at 153. I know it should be under 100. I sent a message over the portal.  A nurse wrote back asking me if I fasted. I said yes I did as the gi was very specific that I should fast. This was the end of the day so I didn't get another response.  I guess I'll have to wait till Monday.  I have the other antibody bloodwork and according to my gi they were normal so I don't understand why the gastrin was high. All these came about due to a endoscope biopsy I had done last June by my former gi. It said linear endocrine cells hyperplasia with possibly of autoimmune gastritis.  But since my other antibody bloodwork was normal my new gi doubted I had autoimmune gastritis. Can anyone shed light for me. I'm very anxious about this.  Thank you.
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