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Question about my son

I've posted both on a few different boards about this cough that our son (5) started about 6 months ago. It's getting worse. When it first started back in the spring it sounded more like a clearing of the throat and we thought it was just a little tic that would go away, but it's obviously not,  and now it's what you see... very physical and loud.

It happens every day, various times. He might go all morning and only have it happen a couple times, and then he'll have bad spells where it's almost constant.

We're trying to watch for triggers, some seem to be: laying down (it often happens at night, but not every night), after eating, with dust, and with exercise. Sometimes it just happens for seemingly no reason.

So far doctors have tried Flonase and Claritin thinking allergies. Didn't work. They then gave us Ventolin puffer to try to see if that helped, it didnt. Today they gave us Flovent to try twice daily.

The only things he's really said to us are: it feels like something's pushing on his stomach, and a couple times he's mentioned the "throw up" and once he said about the "juicys in my throat". But then a couple other times he's said it feels like it's hard to breathe.

We have no idea what to think. Somethings point to asthma (worse with dust, exercise) and others point to reflux. We've even had the possibility of a vascular ring mentioned to us. My father has a hiatal hernia, and I've even wondered about that.

But honestly, my husband and I are getting worried. Neither of us have ever seen or heard a cough like this, it's getting worse, and it's starting to bother our son. We're waiting to see the pediatrician but the earlier they can get us in is the 11th.

Anyways, please watch and give me your thoughts. If you think it could be reflux, or have any other ideas on what it could be. Also, what you personally would request for tests to be done.

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Gastroesophageal reflux would be high on the list of possibilities.
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Surely a two view chest xray has been performed. What was the result?  Let us know. Without this piece of info our hands are greatly tied for ideas  any other test results of all types we must know. No one can put together a puzzle with so many pieces missing.
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Ps. If he does NOT cough in his sleep ( truly asleep   then it is not a disease---it is acough tic!  They make the most noise of them all!!  And last long.  And if odd vocalizations begin he has Tourettes.    Really monitor his sleep and vocalizations.  
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(Still mshanson, diff acct) No, they have done absolutely no chest x-rays at all. Nothing except try him on meds. And yes, he does cough in his sleep.

Also, it is not a tic. Tics typically do not bother the child and they are unaware they're happening. The cough bothers him. Besides which he has physical symptoms such as complaining that someone's pushing on his belly, that he can't breathe, and saying that sometimes when it happens "throw up" comes up, this is NOT a tic.
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Hi, My daughter 7 years has the same symptoms as your son.  Can you please help us share your experience on how you cured your son's constant throat clearing issue?
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