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Right Upper Quadrant Pain and a host of other issues.

I am experiencing RUQ dull pain that seems to come and go in a cyclical nature that started about 6 months ago now. I also experience quite a range of bowel movement issues that have been persistent for about 3 years.(Yellow BM, Bloating, Gas, Undigested food in stool)

My gastro doctor did a Colonoscopy, that was totally normal. But, he doesn't seem very concerned with my symptoms and has basically dismissed my issues as IBS.

I am concerned I have some sort of issue with the Pancreas, Gall Bladder, Liver area. Which I don't think is checked during a Colonoscopy.

Usually my RUQ pain seems to come and go. Usually happening for about 2 weeks, then going away for awhile, then reoccurring anywhere from 2-4 weeks later. It feels like riding a roller coaster to me. I have periods of time where I have no symptoms and normal BM. Then, I'll have periods of time where I have all of the symptoms above.

My question is, what are the general characteristics of RUQ that usually indicate a problem with one of those structures like the Gall Bladder, Pancreas, or Liver?
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