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Sucrose Free Diets

I was diagnosed with Sucrose Intolerance as a baby. As I grew up I was able to introduce small amounts of sugar into my diet without any real problems. However recently I have found that even a teaspoon of sugar will have disastrous effects on me. I gain weight dramatically (4kgs a week) and suffer chronic diarrhea, as well as nausea. I have spoken to my doctor about it but none of the doctors in my area have even heard of the condition let alone what to do about it, other then eliminate sugar completely from my diet. I have tried searching for sucrose free diets as I am only allowed a max of 2% sucrose in any food. Does anyone know where I could find information on what foods I can eat as elimination diet does not seem to be working. Most foods, even natural contain sucrose.

One of the main problems is that there is no real information easily found, and diabetic diets all contain sucrose. Can anyone point me in the right direction to find answers? Or does anyone else suffer from the same condition?
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Google "sucrose intolerance" and you will find many resouces, and links to help you.  When my son was young he suffered from this.  The only option I had was to read every label on the foods.  I was shocked at how many foods contain this!  But you need to find a doctor (maybe an Endocrinologist) who is familiar with this, or maybe a Gastroenterologist.
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Thanks for that mammo, I've done a bit of research and found that I would have CSID mutation C. Back when I was a baby it was relatively unheard of, and due to the lack of research by medical practitioners there still is very limited information. I will be looking into a specialist though who can help with current foods on the market to take out the guess work.
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mmm i'm wondering if i'm fructose intolerant (trying the diet but i'm super frustrated with it right now..I found a fructose/sucrose free diet and printed it out (it's pretty good..just one page but..)

the dumb thing is this website doesn't allow links so let me see if I can trick it...

so yeah w w w dot...

bu dot edu slash aldolase slash HFI slash treatment slash diet2 dot gif (gif is capatalized and i just misspelled that too probably..)

also g o o g le sucraid..it's FDA approved for helping give you a enzyme to help you digest if you I guess take sugar by accident..or maybe it'll help I dunno i'm not familiar with it but it looks promising.

so yeah i'm super frustrated here.. think i'll ask the allergist if he has a breath tester at his office that I can do a test for lactose/fructose/sucrose because i'm going bonkers and losing weight here on this diet....UGH I have chronic nausea and mine is mostly IBS-C...no soy/dairy/wheat here..but this diet really s u x!

Good luck though spacegirley thats hard..I have a  sweet tooth so i'm hating this..
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ps..does dextrin really make you sick?  sweet tarts I hear are made mostly from dextrin..safe for fructose people but I dunno about sucrose.
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Thanks for that Matt, I'll check it out. I've heard about that sucraid but appartently a new company took it over and doesn't really work to well now, they changed the make up of it. I tend to find any sugar at all makes me sick, which is really hard, case of reading labels religiously, but hard to work out when its natural foods, a banana doesn't usually come with a nutrition information panal =P Atrificial sweetners aren't much good either as I get migranes from them, I know what you mean about the sweet tooth, I have a massive one and is so hard when someone eats chocolate right in front of you!
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Yeah I'm trying to find a place (cheap) to do the breath testing for lactose/fructose/sucrose right now..

anyway..well that's too bad, i've been on this diet and my weight is dropping which isn't fun (I was skinny already..) so very frustrating but yeah I've taken out soy/dairy/wheat/corn and it seems like if I eat anything with sugar I get super nauseated and sick.. weird.  But this diet is hard.  The link I gave you lists both a diet for sucrose and fructose so it might be too extreme for you but if you find a list please post it because i'm curious if i'm having the same problem.  Right now i'm too scared to eat anything else than a multivitamin and white rice and turkey and spinach (not the best diet in the world..)
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I can send you a copy of the diet the hospital gave me back in 1982, its a bit outdated, but that's pretty much what I've been working off. Still checking labels though as a lot of the foods have changed since then. Its does give a good idea on the basic foods you can have and to avoid though. The document is 14 pages long so i would need to email it to you if you want it. It gives foods up to 1% sucrose which is allowed, then a separate section for foods up to 2%.

You should definitely go get a test done, I had to have a thing put done my throat to get scrapings from my stomach to test for enzymes to get clarification on my condition. Not fun but worth it in the end, I feel so much better now, not getting any symptoms now that I'm off the sugar.

Just have to find a nutritionist now that can do a new list for me at a reasonable price.
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Hereditary fructose intolerance (HFI) is a genetic condtion where because of lack of one enzyme needed to metabolize fructose, affected person cannot safely ingest ANY amount of FRUCTOSE (including SUCROSE that is fructose + galactose) and SORBITOL (often used as an artificial sweetener) that can be converted into fructose after absorption. Fructose is also in HFCS (high fructose corn syrup.

Complete exclusion of fructose, HFCS, sucrose and sorbitol is needed. Any type of pure glucose (including dextrose) should cause no problems.


Another non-genetic, mild condition is fructose malabsorption (FM) where fructose cannot be absorbed in amount as in healthy persons. Even healthy persons can ingest only about 25-50 g of fructose "per serving" though.

The following nutrients should be limited in FM: fructose, sorbitol, xylitol, maltitol...and other "polyols" (read labels) and HFCS. Sugar (sucrose) can be often ingested in certain amount since glucose from sucrose helps in absorption of fructose. Glucose causes no problems.

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Sweet (no pun intended ha!) yeah i'd like that list i'll send you a private message...even if it's old i'd like it because I'm having a problem finding any lists online.  Like there's just not much out there on the subject....which is suprising, you'd think there would be much more info on it.

I know I was struggling through work last week, and I've been starving myself trying to find answers (no soy/corn/wheat/dairy...just eggs/rice/turkey) and I was starving so bad I had to cave in and bought some candy from the vending machine and all my severe symptoms popped up all the sudden..nausea/face flush/constipation..and all that was in the candy was sugar (corn syrup/sugar) so..grrr...just to the point where it's too scary to eat anything now.

yeah I am barely working as it is..weird thing is I have IBS-C not D...so usually people with sucrose problems have "d" so i'm not sure..but i've read fructose people can have "C"..but yeah i'll call today and get this test done..it should have been done anyway...makes me a little unhappy that they never suggested doing this in the first place...sounds like a super easy cheap test..blow in a bag.

Anyway hope you find some info out there, i know the link I posted on here was pretty dumb and short but that's the one i've been using.

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hey could anybody please send me a list of a sucrose free diet or anything related to sucrose..im in dyer need..18 years and no help!!
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i found a website today whilst googling sucrose free foods/diets and came across this site:
(also contains recipies)
i hope it helps
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