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Treatment for H. Pylori and multivitamin

So I'm currently on treatment for H. Pylori and taking Lanzoprazole 30mg+Amoxicillin 1g+Claritromicin 500mg, and I want to take a vitamin and mineral supplementation, my question is, will there be any interaction between this treatment and the supplementation? Thanks in advance
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character28, why do u WANT to take these vitamins? If you are under H. Pylory treatment I would advice you to take it easy and stick to the doctors routine.

Most likely it won't cause anything wrong with "mixin'em up"... But hey, whats the rush. You can finish the treatment and then get back on the vitamins.
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Hi, thanks for your answer.

I want to take these vitamins because they have B12. I found out I had a severe B12 deficiency (12 pg/ml) and received some injections. Doctors don't have a clue yet about how this happened.
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