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Upset stomach attacks

Hi all, I know this isn't anything new, many posts like it but I suffer from upset stomach / running stomach attacks every so often. Uncomfortable bloating almost everyday of the month, at least 3 days spread out with cramps and 1 day of running stomach.

I am trying to find out why this is happening, I am highly stressed and know this can affect IBS. The GP I see has mentioned that he thinks this is the reason for most of my problems but haven't gone for any tests. Are there any?

I am also trying to rule out foods which may be making me sick. I find if I cut out meat I feel great and lighter, but every now and then I will get cramps and know that I will suffer an attack of upset / runny stomach soon around 8hrs after.

How long does food take to affect the digestive system, perhaps I can narrow my findings down to something I am eating which is triggering this.

I don't drink too much coffee, 5 cups a day of which 1 1/2 go cold and throw away. I eat a small helping of bran in the mornings, I dont like milk so that is the only time (along with coffee - but just a tad) where I get my calcium from. I try and stick away from white bread, drink around 5 glasses of water and visit the loo once per day.

Any suggestions?
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I don't have any ideas about what is wrong with you, but I do knowthat coffee is very irritating to GI tract.  For me, giving up my one cup of morning coffee was like giving up breathing. It was the reason I got out of bed. I've finally cut it out completly and it has made a big difference. I 've experimented a lot with drinking it and not, so I know for sure that my GI tract is better off without it. I also know that for some reason, everytime I used to drink coffee in the afternoon, I would get the runs.

Try drinking green tea. I am starting to look forward to it almost as much as I used to look forward to the coffee.
With sympathy,
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Let me try cutting out caffeine. I suffer from PVC's too, so let's hope it doesn't change that side of my life. The reverse happens to me, the more coffee I drink the less PVC's occur. Flipside is that it may be affecting my digestive system. Thanks for responding.
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