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Why am I suddenly constantly hungry?

Last year and earlier this year I was having issues with loss of appetite and a lot of abdominal discomfort all the time, lost about 25 lbs which I really didn't have it to lose. I went to a gastroenterologist and had some tests done which all turned out fine and was diagnosed with IBS. At the same time I was having female discomforts so I was also seeing a gyno. I was put on Depo Provera birth control (been on it about 9 months so far) and most of my digestive problems cleared up. Now in the past week I've been feeling like I can't stay full! I'll eat and about an hour later I start getting "hunger pangs" or a gnawing in my upper abdomen so I eat again. It goes on like this all day and by the end of the night I start feeling bloated from eating so much but still feel hungry. I'm also starting to get this stabbing pain in my upper right side in my rib cage toward my back.
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You may want to ask your doc to check for problems stemming from the presence of H. pylori. Many with gastritis resulting from H. pylori say they 'never feel full.' Upper R-side pain through to the back might indicate gallbladder issues, but can also be related to gastritis in some individuals.

Also check to see if the Depo might be contributing to the symptoms you're experiencing.
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I think hunger is a side effect of Depo but after being on it for nine months I would think any side effects would have occurred earlier than just the past few weeks.
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Have you been tested for thyroid disease? Some of the symptoms you describe are those of hyperthyroidism such as hunger pangs and weight loss and stomach discomfort.
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