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Yellow Diarrhea

It's now been 4 days of yellow, greasy, and kinda mucusy diarrhea (sorry but super gross). I had a slight fever on the second day however it went away. So I just thought it was a stomach virus. Third day felt like fine, continued on with my normal schedule. Not wanting to jinx it I ate lightly (crackers, bread, and water... etc.). Got home in time for dinner feeling perfectly fine. Ate couple slice of pizza and in the next hour had the same diarrhea as before. Went to bed kinda early, around 4 AM woke up to serve stomach cramps and had diarrhea again. Should I be concerned and seek medical attention?
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the fact that it is coming and going makes me think it may be food related. Yellow stool usually means you're not digesting fats properly. It may have been a stomach bug and then once the bug was gone your stomach was shot. Then you ate greasy pizza which could have irritated your weakened stomach. I'd lay off heavy foods (fatty, dairy, fast foods) for a bit and see if that helps. But if the pain and diarrhea occur even after eliminating those foods, id call your dr.
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I have had the same thing going on 2 weeks now..I think part of the problem is sinus drainage..Glad I have a Dr appointment in a few days..Will give an update if you would like..Im sure antibiotics..
Having the same problem after a stomach bug.   Won’t go away.  
Yellow diarhhea could mean lots of things including parasites.   Glad you are going to Dr

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