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esophagur pain

I have had a pain and burning in my middle chest area for 5 days.  I wondered what I can do for it and how long it takes to heal.  I take Mylanta and it seems to help  I have dirreae and vomiting.  I want to be sure it is not my heart. It is very painful.
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Hi Linda:

I'm so sorry you are suffering.  As always, I agree with CalGal.  A complete heart analysis is the most important thing to do and it should be done as soon as possible.  You must be so anxious about this!  Have you made an appointment with your Family Doctor?  They can arrange for the heart tests and, if that is absolutely normal, they can pursue the matter further.  If heart issues are eliminated, perhaps you are having abdominal issues, given your comment about diarrhea and vomiting.  

Here are a couple of links to abdominal pain charts that might help you narrow things down:

It helps to request a copy of every test you have done.  Keep a file going because digestive problems can be incredibly hard to diagnose and you don't want to have to have tests done twice.

All the best, Linda!

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Linda, you need to check with your doc. He can run you through some tests to see if the pain is due to heart issues or to other causes.
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