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need help fast belching

all i do is belching from the time i get up til bed i had all sort of test down all r clear what can i try to help releive the belching and nausea anyone plz i just dont wont to wake up anymore
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i have been burping and bleching for 6 days now.....don't feel like eating , however i am not nauseated.  I am checking with a gastro dr. tomorrow....
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let me know how you go maybe he might know something better than my dr he told me that there is nothing he can do
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I know what you are going thru.I have the same problem.My Dr.told me to take a couple gas pills before i eat.I do remember to do it sometimes.I took one last nite before i went to bed,and so far this morning has been better.I take extra streghth gas x with high dose of simethicone.I hope this will help you.
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something else to consider, it that the stomach enzymes are not in proper working order causing problems with the breakdown.

Might think about trying papaya enzyme tablets.
hope this will help
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i am willing to give anything ago thanks for you inforation but did say i belch on a empty stomach as well
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will to no avail was the Dr..said i had gerd....Told me to take Zantac, Pepcid and a a prescription Regelan...i have the feeling of fullness and I burp on and empty stomach...
i have had very little food in the past 6 days....2 tablespoons of mashed potatoes last nite..i have tried vinegar....baking sodaand water....I AM MISERABLE.......
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to one dove sorry to here that you to did not get any help from your dr dont give up keep on persiting that there is something wrong i know there is with me  i am now screaming for help from everyone with medical advice i just hope that yours dose not last as long as mine its been 5 monthsif i find somrthing that works i let you know
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