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upper abdominal & upper back pain

I am a 50 year old woman with pain/pressure in the upper stomach (at the very top of the stomach area) and also pain/pressure between my shoulder blades.  My Dr started me on a type of prilosec saying it was most likely acid reflux.  I've been on this for a few weeks with no relief.  I also get no relief from rolaids, tums etc...  The pain/pressure is worse after I eat (it doesn't matter what I eat or how little I eat, always the same).  It also feels like something is stuck mid-way down my esophagus.  I also have a lot of 'gurgling' from my stomach when I eat, no matter how little.
Anyone have something similar?  Help!!  I am in process of changing Dr's since mine doesn't seem to want to listen or help me with this.
They did an EKG to make sure it was not heart related, it is also not lung related (I had a CT recently for a follow up to an unrelated issue).
Thanks for your help!
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I have the same symptoms, sounds like your gallbladder. I have had the ct-scan and ultrasound. All normal. Now I am having a Hida Scan on the 18th. All other test can come back normal and it can still be your gallbladder. I would ask for a hida scan. I will let you know how I make out with mine.
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Same problem here.  Everything came back normal.  HIDA scan booked for Sept. 4.
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Isn't it awful how long we have to wait for these test? I had to wait 6 weeks for a colonoscopy and endoscopy. They did that to rule out other things. I live in NY State and they have closed quite a few hospitals around my area, so the wait is getting worse for everyone.
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Sounds like your gallbladder. I had mine out a few years ago. I suffered for years with on and off pain like yours. I had all the usual tests and everything came back normal. Finally I heard about the Hida test. It confirmed that my gallbladder wasn't working properly. After I had the surgery to remove it, I've been pain free.
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