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what is this strange lump on my 13 yr old daughters right side of stomache

for the last  2 yrs my 13 yr old  daughter has been complaing of a lump on her right side of her stomache  she says its growing it feels hard  but to me kinda small and sometimes gets bigger  any way in the last 8-9 months or so it has been getting worse she becomes in horrible pain  she starts getting like hot and cold flashes while shes in pain and she also says look ive got goosebumps all over me  she cant move at all when the pains come  and she feels nausa  as well  lately  (3-4 months she goes into pain  at least once every single day  ive taken her to her pedetrician  several x and she finally ordered an ultra sound for her  the results were told to me as she may have fatty muscle tissue but its nothing to worry about  and dr just left it be  so now ive taken to 3 or 4 hospital emergency rooms  they dont know either theyve given xrays and found nothing  also she has had papsmears  and found nothing  1 dr  said she may have a benign tumor just between the lining of her stomache wall and her skin  but did nothing just sent her home she said im sure its nothing to worry over    im frustrated and sick of the lack of knowledge or concern it seems  ?  plz what can i do for her  it may be something serious and  or fatal (last dr  said oh well  it will take months to make an appt for her to see a gastroenoligist specialist for her age )

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Can you say exactly where the lump is (related to the navel)?
It may be a benign tumor, intestinal hernia, Meckel's diverticulum, endometriosis...

X-ray is not sensitive enough to show abdominal masses. Ultrasound may show more, and if not, then MRI (which is safer than CT).

Ultrasound was already done?
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Sorry but endo wouldn't produce a lump nor could you feel it. Sounds like a hernia to me.
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Well, I was just listing possibilities. Even endometriosis can lead to adhesions and subsequent chnge in position of intestine...But all this guessing from the outside has no point.

Ultrasound may differ among a solid mass, liquid, air..so, I guess she should have it.
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True about the adhesions.
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yes she did have the ultrasound  thats when her dr said it looked like fatty tissue build up and no need to worry also I would like to ad that  she starting bleeding  and her period ended last week  its regular blood  and shes just normal cramping (nothing major  so i assume shes not having a miscarrige )  and she forgot to take her birth control 2 days in an row  this week   if she has a hernia can u explain to me about the symtoms of that plz
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A soft bump, which may change its size, as you've describe, is typical for intestinal hernia. Its consistence can also change - when it is filled by the air it is hard, and when not it is more soft. When it is not painfull, you can try to push it in gently. Ultrasound can onyl show eventual air, since hernia is actually nothing other than a part of the small intestine.

Tumor (benign non-harmfull), is more hard, has constant rounded shape and is somewhat more fixed, but it can still move. These tumors may grow slowly for yeras without causing any danger.

Experienced gastroenterologist should make a diagnosis on a basis of body examination. So maybe just try to find a reliable gastroenterologist, or even an abdominal surgeon to check her out.

(open the link and scroll down to "umbilical hernia")

Hernia has to be repaired, since from intestinal twisting, a blood flow may be compromised, what is dangerous.

Another situation is intususception (just listing posibilities, but not very likely I think).

There's no panic needed, but this should be repaired. A concerned gastroenterologist would find a cause and recommend appropriate tretment.
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Hi..no doc here, but was just wondering about her ovulation/hormonal patterns?  When I was her age my right ovary would literally feel as if it were going to "pop" - very painful, until I ovulated and experienced my cycle.  And you could actually feel it as a "lump".  Just wanted to toss that out there - is that a possibility Boron?

Eneff...Best of luck to your daughter.
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You know what girlvet: I don't know eneff about exact location of this lump, so maybe baby can point it out exactly. Ovarian cyst can sure be palpated sometimes.

And I have never had problems with ovaries, girlvet, you know, so just go on.
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exact location is  below her ribs on right side
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