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Blood Work

I had blood work done and my lymph count came back a 48 and my wbc a 4 they said I this needs attention.  What could this mean.
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Lymph count is medium-high (overall healthy with some tint of disease)
Wbc 4 : healthy but is intruded by several minor and ignorable disease
Need attention: need tracking and treatment if it become an issue.  
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So you have 48 or 48% lymphs, and do you have 4 or 4% or 40% Neutrophils or PMNS? or is the 4 pertaining to the total count 4 X 1000 = 4,000.
What they do is give you a value which comes from a analyzer that gives the white blood cell count and red blood cell count, platelet count etc. and if this is abnormal they do  a manual count which is under the microscope and they read the number of cells.
The normal range for lab tests can vary depending on their control values and type of instruments they use. But generally, they do a automated WBC (white blood cell count) and this is seen to be about 4,000-10,000 to be normal and when they do a manual count reading a slide under the microscope you get a number such as:
normal range: white blood cell (types)
Neutrophils:  40-60%
lymphocytes:  20-40%
monocytes: 2-8%
Eosinophils : 1-4%
Basphils:  0.5-1%
Bands:  0-3%
these are based on counting 100 cells. so 40 cells as a percentage found in 100 total types of white cells counted.
So I need more info.
if your overall white blood cell count (automated) was 4,000 it would be borderline normal but if the cell count is 4 and that is there were 4  neutrophils or PMN's (polymorphonuclear leukocytes) cells, then it would be very low.
If low you could have a viral infection, anemia,  or recently had treatment with chemotherapy or radiation therapy. So it depends on the actual value you are talking about. Let me know if you understand my values and what I mean. I'll be glad to help. It sounds like they counted your lymphocytes and they were in the normal percent range, slight high but nothing too out of the ordinary, though it would also point to a viral infection or blood infection.
They would also check your red blood count on the instrument followed by the microscope if it looked abnormally high or low (even slightly). A slightly high or low value doesn't mean too much. If it is very low or high then you may have a problem. Neutrophils are responsible for engulfing bacteria and viruses and other foreign substances.
Do you feel very tired and do you have a fever?  What did the doc say?
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