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Can't stop vomiting

I vomited 5 times this night. Starting from 12:30AM to 4:30AM.
Don't know whether it will stop or not.

1-2 hours before vomiting started, I ate nuts on an empty stomach. I've eaten them before and never been allergic.

Could it have caused my vomiting? Or is it some kind of a virus?

This may sound stupid but I'm worried about HIV. Had potential but very low risk exposure 35 days ago. Did PCR RNA test on 21st day and came back negative.
Is this HIV symptom?

Age : 24
Gender : Male
Haven't vomited for 2-3 years. Have eaten nuts week ago too. Didn't have problems.
I also have  diarrhea and temperature (37.5).
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I feel for you because I know you have a lot of anxiety. But again, as has already been explained to you, you do not have HIV based on your conclusive negative test results. HIV is not diagnosed by random symptoms. This is not how HIV specialists operate.  The tests have ruled out HIV as a concern.  I know anxiety makes that hard to accept but you either have to do so or get help with the anxiety.

As to eating nuts and allergies. Allergic reactions to nuts aren't an upset stomach. They are anaphylactic. So, unlikely to be a nut allergy although they may disagree with you.  You may want to see your doctor to discuss diverticulitis. This is a GI disorder and nuts and seeds can aggravate it. https://iffgd.org/gi-disorders/diverticulosis-and-diverticulitis/nuts-seeds-and-diverticula/  This second link really discusses how your symptoms match.  https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/diverticulitis/symptoms-causes/syc-20371758  Perhaps nuts aren't the best thing for you. Talk to your doctor but let HIV fears go.
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Hello again. I looked up early HIV symptoms, and yes, vomiting and diarrhea can be signs. However, your test came back negative, so again, I highly suggest seeing your GP as the above symptoms can be caused by so many health issues.
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Hello~I think you should probably see your GP, too much vomiting can cause dehydration as can diarrhea; it is possible that you may have a flu bug especially since you have a fever.
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