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Confusion about allergies to Band Aids.

Ok. So, recently I've had to be treated for an allergy to a Band Aid on my right shin. It was a large Band Aid that left a large Band Aid shaped rough patch of skin that itched like crazy. Made it worse by scratching it (with my finger pads to try and not gouge holes in me) but with Hydrocortisone and hand lotion (all I had for moisturizer ) it's getting better. Now I noticed the same thing is happening on my other leg, smaller Band Aid, this being the official Band Aid brand, but I have an itchy Band Aid shaped rough patch that I am starting to rub Hydrocortisone onto as well as the hand lotion.

The part that confuses me is the fact that I had another Band Aid on my right ring finger (I brushed against something and took off a chunk of hide, didn't realize it until I was like "Why is there blood on this soap bar?" after putting out a new one while getting ready to get a shower and checked. Then it started to sting once I started to hold pressure on it to stop the bleeding. ) and no allergy, no rough skin, nothing. It's just the Band Aids I've worn on my lower legs. Like, wth? Why only my legs and not my hands? O.o
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Hello~It sounds like you may be allergic to the adhesive that makes it adhere to the skin. I am thinking that the reason it does not happen when on your finger is because the area is smaller. I would ask your GP or dermatologist if it really bothers you.
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I don't know the why part of it, but I can wear bandaids on my hands, but have a really hard time with any adhesives on any other part of my body. I do better with the flexible fabric bandaids than I do the plastic ones, though those don't stay on nearly as well.

If I need to keep something covered, I get gauze and use Blue Tape for sensitive skin. It also doesn't stay on that well, but it's far better than the bleeding skin I'd get otherwise. Most drug stores sell it, and Amazon does too - just search Blue Tape for sensitive skin.
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