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Could I do anything?

thank you for reading my article. I'm German but there is no German Forum that is as good as English one and I need a good answer. And Iam male!
Iam nearly 18 years old. I was always very late with everything: I lost my last milk tooth one year ago Big Grin
But I already have a little beard growing and everything else is OK.
I have the problem that Iam only 168 cm, that is about 5,6 inch tall.
My Dad is about 6,0 and my mother is as height as I am.
I did x-rays picture and the doctor says that I am 15,6 years on these pictures and that I will probably not grow so much any more. Last years I didnt eat really fat - I did a lot of sports, had really stress with school, work and family and never lived as a realy adulescent. Well - I cant imagine to stay so little, I am also looking like a child. Everybody treats me like a child..
My brothers are similiar and my mother grew in the age of 16/17 - so really late.
Is there a Chance to get a big grow spurt?
Look at my pictures - I cant believe that they belong to an adult and some growth plates seem to be younger than 15 1/2
Thank you for good answers - its really important for me.
I always thought there will be a growth spurt and that I will become as tall as my dad is. I fear to stay a child all my life - maybe because of my food choose (only very healthy) and my extreme training programm to become a six pack ... that was because I was one or two head lower than the others in my class when i come to grammar school.. always being one of the worst in sports..
Well - now I dont do so much sports and I am eating everything that is fat ... I do the opposite of health food and eat everything you shouldnt do according to scientists ..;D but including vegetable of course...
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I don't have the answer for you but I suspect you should be using a different forum.

What I can say is that I have known boys who have had growth spurts at a later age, even into their 20's.

Don't stop eating healthy as that is not going to help you grow tall and may cause other issues.

My daughter was also one who looked like a kid at 16.  Imagine going out and having the server ask her if she wanted crayons to keep her busy before dinner!  

She still is tiny but that was due to a medication she had to take when younger.  She no longer looks like a kid, nor is she ever mistaken as a child.  She did grow a couple of more inches, but not to the height she was hoping for.

Her height has not slowed her down a bit.  Sure, there are somethings she can't do well but she found her niche.

So don't give up hope and things will work out how they are meant to in the future.  You may not be really tall and there is nothing wrong with that!

Hopefully, someone might direct you to a forum that might be more helpful.
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could anybody answer my question ... please.
It is really important for me.
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