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Eggy burps and gas

Hello there and thanks in advance for any help... I have seen several post about this but each one not quite what I'm going through.
I periodically go through these times in which I get eggy or sour burps... And when I was a kid I automatically related this with getting sick because soon after the burps came the farts and then the diarrhea... Sometimes vomiting. And if it came to vomiting most times I would feel better after vomiting once.
Now that I'm older I know what symptoms of heartburn AND acid reflux can be and have been able to combat those times with tums or something. But that doesn't always help. When three or all four symptoms are in play medicines for AF and heartburn are useless.
I'm absolutely miserable and doctors are no use.
I have self diagnosed myself with IBS due to the fact I will get stomach cramps and gas and most likely a change of bowels every once in a while when I eat something that is digesting well.
I've had my gall bladder out since 2011 and these symptoms have happened to me since i was a little girl and I'm 23 now.
So can anyone give me an idea as to what this could be or maybe some helpful tips on how to get faster relief
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Have you been checked for a hiatal hernia? Your symptoms sound very similar to folks that have one. Ask for an Upper GI, this is about the only to see if one does exist.  if you do, it is not hard to handle with diet and exercise. I have one and it can make me miserable, but, I am able to keep it under control.
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Have you ever seen a specialist for these problems, such as a Gastroenterologist?  If not, I'd recommend that you do so.  They can prescribe medicine that can help those issues, but first they will want to have an upper GI done, at minimum, and most likely a colonoscopy as well to see if there are any signs of Crohns' Disease.  IBS is diagnosed based on symptomatology alone, since there is no definitive test to do so.  

In the interim, change your diet around and experiment with what is okay and what is not, as far as bland, spicy, oily, etc.  You may have to eat the same or similar items consecutively to help determine what foods you react to in a bad way.  Occasionally the Pancreas is responsible, and the GI MD will want to order blood work to help determine that as well.
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