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Inflammations all over my body

Hey, I have what has been diagnosed as inflammations in about 5 different parts of my body - Higher/Lower back muscle inflammation, knee joint inflammation, chest muscle inflammation, neck muscle inflammation and today my wrists started hurting quite a bit as well...
Some of these are chronic inflammations I've had for years and I've been told they would be cured If I did enough physiotherapy, they didn't.
It's definitely been getting worse since I've gotten the last 3 inflammation diagnoses in the past 4 months.

Is there a vitamin deficiency of some sort that could cause inflammation? or some sort of disease that attacks muscles/joints?
These pains prevent me from working out, going out for long walks and sometimes they prevent me from doing my job...
I would love to hear any suggestion that anyone might have.
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Did u check your uric acid?..or limit your protein  intake. Because i have little bit same problm and my Dr. Told me that i have uric acid and limit protein intake.
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May I ask who diagnosed you? If you have chronic inflammation it would be helpful to see a rheumatologist. If you are not able to see a rheumatologist, I would ask your doctor to order a rheumatology panel. These findings can help your healthcare provider clinically correlate your symptoms with your lab work to provide you with the most accurate diagnosis possible. Sometimes these conditions are diagnosed through a process of elimination. Some people may benefit from supplements like Vitamin D and magnesium if needed. Your healthcare provider can also recommend NSAIDS (Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs).  While I understand you feel like pain is preventing you from working out, it is still very important to exercise. Simple exercise, even walking 20 minutes a day, will combat inflammation.

Patients with chronic inflammatory diseases should always consult with their physician regarding the appropriate treatment plan. If the physiotherapy you tried is not working, you should consult with your healthcare provider. If possible you can get a referral to see a physical therapist who could tailor stretches and other exercises to best help your unique situation. There are also certain foods that can help. I wish you all the best!
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Hello~Has your doctor checked for fibromyalgia or polymyalgia? These issues will continue to get worse over time and sadly, there really isn'a cure for them, just meds and sometimes physio-therapy.  There are some tests that the doctor can do in the office that will help to determine if one of these is the culprits, also, there are some excellent articles on-line about both of them.

I hope you feel better soon.
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