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MRI confusion, should I be worried?

Hi, I'd really appreciate any advice anyone can offer about this...

About ten days ago I went in to hospital in the opthalmology department because of a large abcess that had deleveloped near by eye. The doctors decided the best treatment was to lance the abcess which they did. Before they lanced and drained it, they insisted that I had a CT scan to check that the infection hadn't gone deeper.
They looked at the CT scan and said it looked fine so did the surgery.
Everything has healed fine and I went back to opthalmology 2 days ago and they discharged me and as far as I was concerned everything had gone really well.
However today I came home to a letter from Radiology saying I need to come in for an MRI scan. I suffer from terrible health anxiety so this is really worrying me that something is wrong.
The letter says the scan is for 'MRI Orbit with contrast' but I have no idea what that means and am really worried it means there is something wrong.

Any advice anyone could offer would be hugely appreciated. Sorry for the essay!
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Hello~I would call your prescribing physician and ask what is going on. Maybe they just want to check some other issues. I think if it was serious, they would call, sending a letter means they are not that worried.

Another thought that comes to mind, they have sent the letter to the wrong patient, it may not have been meant for you at all, another reason, therefore, to call and see what is going on.
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As someone in the medical profession, I can not tell what is going on. Nor can anyone else. The best course of action is to call the doctor that the letter came from and ask them about it. I am of this thought, if it is serious they would call, if it's something that isn't that serious then a letter is sent. Hope all is well! :)
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