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Necrotic wound ?

Hello I need advice.
I have this injury on my arm, the cut is quite deep, and it touches the fat layer.
It's been a week and a half and it still hasn't cicatrized at all. The gap of the wound mesures one centimeter and it bled for more than 24 hours. The injury is totally black, dry and a weird grey liquid pours out of it.
Is this necrosis ? Should i seek medical help ? Thanks in advance.
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If you have a wound that deep and continuing to bleed, please go immediately to your doctor, urgent care or the ER (in that order based on availability). Necrosis is something that happens after there is an infection. If you had a wound that was infected to the point of necrosis in the area, you would be very sick. It would be hot, you would have a fever, you would be notably ill. But the wound needs attention immediately.
It is hot and I do feel sick but I never correlated the two.
I will follow your advice, thanks a lot.
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Hello~I agree with the other poster, you need to have it checked ASAP.
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