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Pulled Hip Flexor/Hip

Hello MedHelp Forum peoples,
I am fifteen years old, normal BMI, pretty much normal everything, fairly athletic, but....

Recently, in an exercise class (okay, specifically martial arts) I pulled/strained/sprained a muscle somewhere in my leg, and the next morning, I awoke with a terrible pain in my right hip/thigh/hamstrings. It isn't so bad when sitting or even walking, but lifting my thigh (bringing knee to right angle with hip) anywhere above shin level is painful.
As for a description of pain, this is the only thing I can compare it to: When you wake up and you've been sleeping funny and your neck is really stiff and heavy, and it hurts to look left or right, depending on what side you were sleeping on. And yeah, my hip feels very heavy and stiff...
When I'm sitting, the most noticeable pain is on the inside of my thigh. Though, when I stand and walk around, it lessens a bit. The most excruciating part is when I walk up the stairs; each step is agony, and I dread thinking about it. The strange part, I found, is that when I walk, my lower leg hurts as well.
My problem is that I don't remember how I could've hurt myself. The (martial arts) class had been relatively easy, just simple jogging, tumbling and "form" practice. We also did a sort of kick called a "hammer" (you may be familiar with it, just a simple "straight leg" up and down). However, I felt nothing snap/pop/ or ever start hurting then. It hurts a ton now. Is there any easy diagnosis you guys can suggest (without the usual, "Go see your doctor" phrase).
Thank you, and I apologize for any spelling mistakes/grammar mistakes!
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Try investigating sciatica it is a symptom with many causes and yeah a doctor/chiropractor/orthopedic! Good Luck, get something done this is NOT normal and probably easily diagnosed by someone who knows what they are doing, good luck!
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Thank you, Mrs. Munster for replying. I appreciate it!
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