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Ready to give up. Something is spreading through the right side of my body.

Hi all,

I'm a 35 year old male, and I've been feeling unwell for 6 years. I've had pain chronic pain on the right side of my body, and some other "global" symptoms which have come along the way, like weakness/fatigue, thirst, chills/cold intolerance.

2016: This all started with pain in my right groin/right testicle/lower right abdomen.  I had a CT scan which showed a couple of SLIGHTLY larger-than-normal nodes in my LRQ abdomen. Nothing else remarkable. All blood work was fine.

2017: The above persisted, but the pain now moved higher up into my abdomen, near my liver. Around this time, I noticed that I was sweating a lot more than what was normal for me. Especially during exercise, but also just sitting at my desk I would be sweating from my underarms. Not normal for me. Again, all bloodwork was normal.

2018: New pain in my back, "behind" my liver. This is also when some of the bouts of extreme fatigue/perceived weakness began. HIDA scan was normal. All bloodwork was normal.

2021: All of the above still true, but now getting pains just to the right of my Adam's apple. Tender/painful to the touch, and painful to swallow.  Pain also went up into my right ear. A CT scan of the soft tissue of my neck (NO CONTRAST) was unremarkable, as was an ultrasound. This year, I also started to get episodes of "chills" when I was exposed to any sort of cool/cold temps - even walking under an air conditioner at 65 degrees would set off waves of chills. I had a repeat scan of my abdomen/chest, and all was fine. Bloodwork was mostly normal, aside from high AFP serum (tumor markers) - but doc said that could just be my normal level.

Today: All of the above, but now getting pains on the right side of my head. There seems to be a very slight, constant headache - which is becoming more noticeable. Multiple times per day, I'll get quick bursts of shooting pain on the side of my head. I have a lymph node in the back of my head (occipital), which is now sore when I tilt my head back. And most recently, I'm starting to get little random prickly feelings in my scalp on that side. Just one offs that are becoming more and more frequent.

Zooming out, it's pretty clear that these painful areas have spread up the right side of my body over the past 6 years.  And I've added new overall symptoms each year, which I have fought so hard through but are becoming too unbearable to go on.

I'm not willing to accept anxiety/depression as a cause given the one-sided nature of my pain, though these things certainly can make all of my symptoms at least a little bit worse.

I spent years and years chewing on paper, plastic, metal can tabs, my shirt sleeves, pretty much anything and everything (not an iron deficiency, just a bad habit). Thinking back on all of those chemicals that I ingested, I think I'm doomed. All of this chewing also caused TMJD on both sides, and I have severe osteoarthritis on the right side --- however, no jaw pain!

I have read that CT scans won't detect cancer all of the time, though they are great for detecting masses. Is it plausible that I don't even have a mass? Could there be any other explanation?

Any thoughts are appreciated!
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Hi, now, this is going to sound bizarre, but I am going to suggest it anyway. I truly think you would be help by a chiropractor and/or a naturopath.  Here's why I say this. If you have misplaced vertebrae in your neck and spinal region, they can cause all kinds of trouble, trouble that most would never associate certain issues with. The chiropractor will take x-rays of the neck and spinal column and thoroughly study them and then go over the results with you. It may take a few treatments to start to feel better,but you will.

Out of alignment vertebrae in your neck can cause weird thinking, anxiety, panic,  most anything. Vertebra out of alignment in your spine can cause pain in one side of the body, costochondritis, and issues involving the lower extremities as well.

I suggest a naturopath because they can help by suggesting certain tests that main stream doctors don't even know about. Many times, these tests will help to determine what is causing the issue, it could be due to food/chemical allergies, hormonal issues, even Candida which is a type of yeast infection that starts in the gut, that can cause numerous health issues,  the list is long. Also, a naturopath will take time with you and really discuss the issues you are having, normally, the first visit is an hour or longer. They will prescribe a supplement protocol that would be tailor-made to your condition as well.
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So, this is hard. I'm not minimizing your symptoms but do see a psychiatric component. PICA can be due to something like a nutritional deficiency but it is also psychological in nature. Chewing a lot also can be involved in stress relief or sensory issues. It's oral soothing (why we give pacifiers to babies, for example).

Now, that wouldn't account for all of your issues, certainly. but if you shored up mental health, perhaps you'd find that some of this is due to health anxiety and hyper body sensitivity. Again, not trying to belittle you or minimize your concerns but offering a thought that ultimately could help you down the road.

You've worked with a GI doctor?
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Thanks! Yes - 2 colonoscopies over the past 8 years, both clean. I definitely realize there is an anxiety/stress component, but feel that exacerbates the underlying issues and is definitely not the root cause. It could explain chills/thirst/weakness but certainly not one-sided pain. The fact the pain is spreading and has now made it to my neck/head is terrifying me.

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