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Stress Fracture?

.Hi Folks,

For the past few weeks the top of my right foot has been hurting.  Not real bad but more of a bruised feeling.  I find that if I put the brunt of my weight on my heel when I walk that tempers the discomfort.  Everything I have read points to a stress fracture.  The thing is though, the “injury” did not occur due to an exercise related event.  In fact, I do not workout at all, though I do walk a lot at work and bend the foot in question a lot when kneeling down.  I have been placing an icepack on the foot daily for about 30 minutes three times per day.  I can still walk on it, even briskly if needed but the discomfort is beginning to irritate me as it does not appear to be getting any better.  I do not want to wear a boot or be on crutches—so I am hoping this goes away on its own.  Nor do I want to end up having surgery due to being unnecessarily stubborn.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.  I am a 41-year old male.

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The only way to find out if there is a stress fracture anywhere in the foot, in the metatarsals or any of the cuneiform or cuboid bones is to have an xray.

You are doing the right thing in applying cold compresses to the foot.
Also rest the foot as much as you can and elevate it.

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Jemma is correct.  Also, left untreated and if it is a stress fracture, you could move it wrong with weight on it and case a fracture.  I can tell you from experience, it hurts to break a bone...especially a weight bearing bone such as the foot.

Good luck.
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Ligament and tendon problems can be excruciating.

I damaged my posterial fibrial tendon and couldn't walk on my foot for 9 months.   I damaged it at the gym using the treadmill.   So much for going to the gym to get fit!
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