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Twitching in right eye

I've had a twitch in my right eye for about 2 weeks now its a all day event, it almost never seems to go away, im not in pain just alot of discomfort. Could i be needing glasses or could it be more serious??? Thoughts and ideas greatly appreciated.
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Can be from fatigue, squinting,has the  environment you work in  bad light, the computer, stress..treatment is compresses , rinsing eyes with warm water,eye drops .some twitching can last a few weeks ,Its annoying but the usual twitches do go away .good luck
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Eye twitching can be caused by any of the following!
Stress,Tiredness,Eye strain,Caffeine,Alcohol,Dry eyes,Nutritional imbalances,
The only option for making the twitching stop may be to figure out the cause.
This can last for weeks or even months!
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I have the same thing once in a while, the eye twitching. People say that it's because of too much stress and caffeine.
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