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UTI constipation and blood in urine

A few nights ago I drank a little too much—I woke up around 3am with what felt to be a UTI—like I needed to pee constantly and like I still needed to empty my bladder after I already had. I noticed that my urine did have traces of blood and what looked to be tiny blood clots. I have had an annoying pain in my abdomen but also believe im constipated and will be starting my period soon—so not sure if the pain has to do with either of those or the UTI or both. Anyways—is the blood in my urine something to be concerned about—I have minocycline at home for my acne so I started taking those and cranberry chews when I realized it was a UTI. Also, will drinking coffee help with my constipation? I want to try but don’t want to irritate my bladder I have been taking fiber capsules but they don’t seem to help.
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Any sign or trace of what appears to be blood in your urine has to be a reason to visit your physician as soon as possible. On the other hand, cranberries CAN stain your urine with a reddish tone so...maybe that's another clue. I highly recomend to get a physician appointment because a UTI cannot be diagnosed with previous infections plus a UTI is not the only cause of blood in urine, specially talking about women.
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Oh, sorry. I didn’t state this clearly because I was rambling—I didn’t take the cranberry chews until two days after I saw the blood.
Well, that's really suggestive. First things first, an UTI have those kind of symptoms one just can't ignore as fever, chills, even vomit and pain that is more common in the lower back (condition called as "glomerulonephritis"). The pre mestrual pain is real and it usually feels in the low stomach area, as you can see all is a lot of theory but the recommendation is the same. Visit your physician because he/she is the only one that can explore you and make the necessary tests to suit your queries. Oh....and the first step, try to stop those chews for a few days...to know if that's the origin of your problem.
Went to the DRs—came back negative for a UTI. Still constipated, lower back pain, I’m betting it’s because I’m backed up. So hopefully the blood in urine was some odd occurrence and nothing to do with my kidneys.
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Until you see your healthcare provider avoid coffee and drink lots of water.
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Hello~I would see your GP as soon as possible and in the mean time, be sure to drink lots of pure water.
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