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Vitamins and multivitamin

I need to know the best multivitamins tablet to take to improve my health in general
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Eating whole foods and obtaining your vitamins/minerals are going to be the best option. Even though pill forms of vitamins and minerals seem to be the healthy option, our bodies still have to work to break them down. In most cases, the pill forms are synthetic forms of the vitamins which in the long run are not the best option for your body.

What type f diet do you eat? Vegetarian, junk food, fried food, organic, etc;
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It is ok to take vitamins and minerals daily to prevent yourself from diseases. But you should take a limited amount of vitamins and minerals. Also, consult your doctor before taking any type of multivitamin.
What vitamins do you take?  I'm terrible about taking them and have trouble sometimes knowing what to take when!
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I think that taking a good, organic, high potency vitamins and minerals is a wise way to supplement your diet. As to what brands, well, I like the following:
Standard Process Labs
Source Naturals
Natures Bounty
Eclectic Institute
Natural Factors

I don't like a multivitamin or mineral, I prefer taking the supplements separately, for example, a good, high potency "B" vitamin, 100 mg once a day, Vitamin "A" once a day,etc. There is just no way that one pill can contain all the correct amounts of vitamins and mineral, plus, the quality is not that good. But, if you insist on taking just a multivitamin, then I highly suggest taking one by Solaray, they are the best, I would also add a good multi-mineral supplement, again, Solaray makes the best.

Most folk think that eating a well-balanced meal and the the recommended daily servings of  veggies and fruit is all a person needs, but that is far from true. Most food now-a-days is so overly processed that the nutrients are almost stripped and therefore, the nutritional value is very low. You definitely need to eat healthy, this will help the supplements to work, but don't just count on the diet to provide all the vitamins ,etc that your body needs.

If possible, I would also see a well-qualified Naturopath or an MD that specializes in "alternative"medicine, they have many many years of study in nutrition and all types of supplements including herbs, amino acids, etc. My main doctor back home in the sates was a naturopath, she helped me more than the conventional MD ever did. That is not to say,however, that the conventional MD should never be seen, there is a time and place for both,.

You know a lot about vitamins!  I give my son Vitamin D3 and B.  I also serve him things to help with iron but I've read that you shouldn't have dairy with that . . . which makes meal planning tricky!  Taking this or that and when is hard for me to get right!  I have tried multi vitamins but hate how big they are and can't get into the routine of taking them regularly.  
Thank you, I worked for a reputable health food store back home, plus, as I said, my main doctors were Naturopaths, etc and I learned so much from them, I also read a lot.

As to the iron, it is only the pills that you really need to worry about when eating other food, it is perfectly fine to eat any foods high in iron with other foods. Liver and onions is a great choice, so are all the dark, leafy green veggies, eating them with dairy products will not do any harm at all.

I don't like multi-vitamins, as I said, they just can't possibly have all the correct amounts of each supplement in them, plus, as you said, they are too big and don't assimilate easily in your body.  The ones I mentioned in my previous post are the best and are easy to take and well assimilated.

Here is an idea for making sure you take your supplements at the correct time. I have done it and so did my mom. Purchase a plastic container that has separate drawers, like the ones that hold nails, etc. Then on each drawer, mark the vitamin or mineral and the time of day to take it, or, better yet, if the container is big enough, divide it into sections, the morning ones in top drawers and the evening ones in the bottom drawers. You can get these cases at most hardware shops and they come in different sizes, they are not big or heavy, so you can actually carry them when need be to a room that will be suit you, we kept ours in the kitchen and a smaller on in the bathroom.
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