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Why am I a 16 year old male who is shorter than his mother?

I'm 5'5.5". My mom is 5'7.5". Dad is 5'11.75". I went through puberty like normal, my voice deepened, I grew body hair, and I hit a growth spurt at around 13 or 14. But the problem is, I didn't even grow up to my mom's height. Since 14, at the end of my growth spurt, I've been shorter than her and I don't understand why. I haven't seen the doctor yet about this, so I don't know if my growth plates are completely closed. However, I have taken measurements of my body proportions and my legs aren't longer than someone of my height, so I don't think it's that my spine is just slow at growing. My foot size is 8 1/2, so nothing unusual there. The only unusual thing about me is that my hands are quite large for someone of my height, a little over 7 1/2 inches. The only other thing to add is that the guy sin my family have added on a substantial amount of height since 16. My dad was just slightly taller than me at my age, and my 5'10" Uncle was exactly my height. I'm just really worried and don't understand how I'm shorter than my mom. Is this something I should see the doctor about?
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Hello~I wouldn't see a doctor just yet, you very well could have another growth spurt in the next year or so, 16 is not old, you body still has lots and lots of changes to go through.
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