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I suffer from anxiety and as part of that I am constantly paranoid I'm going to get throat infections. Though a few years of inspection, I've learned I can force a lot of my throat out to be displayed. I can see behind my tonsils, and It looks purple. There are also white patches and I  get a lot of lumps on my tonsils. I went to the doctors and the doctor told me I had normal tonsils for a 23 year old, but I disagree. Does anyone else inspect their throat? What can they see? I'm really worried I have throat cancer.

Please help!
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when you are stressed or have candida-just a yeast overgrowth caused by sugary yeasty foods,  this can be found hun, i stave off colds and bugs by changing my toothbrush every 2 weeks and making sure i brush after all food and if i go out and have poss picked up someones bugs (as the great unwashed masses do like coughing in the supermarket-ok i am neurotic about germs) i find if you help yourself by regular tongue and toothbrushing youll get way less colds etc...its kept me clear for ages as my immunitys not good, if i start to sniffle i get up three times in the night and brush my teeth and tongue then by morning its gone-i actually watched a tv prog that said you can stop colds by doing this-its working for me x
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Thank you. I will do that on Monday :)
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Hello, I can understand your concern. I doubt, however that you have throat cancer. I would get the opinion of another doctor is this one does not want to help or talk to you.
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I get the white bits all the time as well :(

But my main concern is the size of my right tonsil. It is really swollen with about 4 seperate lumps on it.
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i get those little white patches on my throat alot the dr says sometimes it is from my sinuses draining and sometimes it is leftover food particles as long as there is no pain fever or something like that I wouldn't worry
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